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Best Work Boots for Electricians


Working as an electrician poses a bigger risk of injuries and serious accidents on the job than most of the other professions, which means taking extra precautions in all aspects to minimize the risk of getting hurt while doing your job. Apart from the other safety precautions, such as removal of any metal jewelry and […]

Most Comfortable Police Boots for Duty and Academy

Types: Academy police boots and Duty (patrol) police boots
Training or already working to protect and serve the country? To do an even better job, you know how important it is to be wearing the proper comfortable and safe clothing footwear and gear. If you are wondering what type of police boots are the most suitable […]

Best Oilfield Boots That Have Good Traction and Last Long

Working on an oilfield is definitely not an easy job. You need to cope with the various weather conditions, and the various possible hazards on the job, such as slippery surfaces, falling heavy objects, water, etc. This is why it is crucial to find the best protective gear, including the best boots for oilfields. We […]

Best Welding Boots – Reviews and Must-Have Features

Overview of the Best Welding Work Boots
If you are shopping for the most appropriate work boots for welders, you may want to take a look at the shortlist of our top choices for best welder boots we made.
Our Best Welding Boots Reviews

Dr. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel Toe Met Guard Boot

These seriously tough […]

Lineman Boots vs Logger Boots – Comparison

Common features
They may look very similar, and sure, they have similar features, but logger and lineman boots are actually quite different due to the different purposes they serve.

Logger boots are designed and made to provide ultimate traction through the caulks on their outsoles which allows the lumberjacks to roll logs.

Lineman boots are used by linemen, […]

Best Wildland Firefighter Boots – Reviews and Recommendations

Best Wildland Fire Boots at a Glance
No doubt, wildland firefighters are one of the bravest people out there. Being properly equipped is crucial for this profession. The boots for wildland firefighting need to be chosen wisely, and must conform to the security standard and requirements of the NFPA 1977 Protective Footwear for Wildland Fire Fighting […]

Best Landscaping Boots for Lawncare Professionals

Best landscaping work boots at a glance
Landscapers spend nearly all their time outdoors, walking and working in wet grass, mud and dirt. This is why, choosing the most appropriate shoes for the job is very important, so that the discomforts are reduced and minimized. Also, the necessary safety needs to be provided by the work […]

How to Become a Lineman – Everything You Need to Know

Overview of Requirements and Application process:
Years of apprenticeship and training are required to become a lineman. Some states require that journeyman linemen are certified for competence of personnel for process safety standards.

In order to become an apprentice, one must join an apprenticeship program (. This means taking three to five years of special classes, along […]

Best Paramedic and EMS Boots on the Market

If you work in the emergency medical service, then you know how important having comfortable, durable, dependable and professionally looking boots while you are on the job of saving human lives. We handpicked several pairs of shoes, which we consider the best EMS boots available at the moment.

Our in-depth EMS boots reviews

Bates EMS boots – Men’s […]

Which are the Best Work Boots for Plumbers on the Market?

Best work boots for plumbers at a glance
Plumbers are constantly forced to work in wet, slippery and in many cases in dirty construction and reconstruction sites and with heavy instruments and materials, so having the right boots is crucial for their safety, performance and comfort. We hand-picked several of our top favorites for work boots […]