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Best Carpenter Boots for Protection and Comfort

Best carpenter boots at a glance
If you work as a carpenter, or practice carpentry work at home, you probably know how important having comfortable and durable work boots which offer reliable toe protection is. We have carefully reviewed a large number of boots in order to pick out our top six favorites for the best […]

Best Lineman Boots for Pole and Tower Climbing

Best Pole Climbing Boots at a Glance
If you are a lineman, you probably know how important it is to find the best pole climbing boots to wear at work? If you are new to this profession, it is a good idea to find out which features you need to look for when choosing the best […]

Aluminum toe vs Steel toe – Pros, Cons and Comparison

Having the proper safety work boots is crucial for your well-being, performance and actually lays the foundation for the safety at work. This is why choosing the proper safety toe boots or other protective footwear should be done carefully and with the specific risks at your workplace I mind.

Aluminum toe
Aluminum safety toes are also known […]

The Very Best Pull On Work Boots (Slip On Work Boots) for 2017

Pull on work boots are perfect for keeping the toes safe from traumas caused by dropped instruments, machines, materials and other hazards on the workplace or elsewhere. The slip on work boots are made for easy pulling on and off and thus provide the perfect convenience. They are also made to provide the ultimate comfort […]

Best Composite Toe Work Boots – Our Top Picks and Reviews

Short overview + main pros of the best composite toe work boots
Composite toe work boots are the newer alternative to the traditional metal cap safety boots which have been made and worn for decades. The composite toe boots are lighter than the metal ones, and do not trigger metal detectors, so they are great for […]

Best Insoles for Work Boots For Standing or Walking

Finding the most suitable work boots which fit your needs and fit your feet perfectly is a difficult task, but even if you find a pair which is great, you will definitely benefit quite a lot from getting insoles for them too. The fact is that the best insoles for work boots will offer you […]

Best Construction Work Boots – Our Top Picks and Reviews

Short overview of the best construction work boots
Wearing suitable construction work boots is mandatory if you work on a construction site, where there is a high risk of injury. Because this industry poses so many risks, it is not surprising that there are so many specialized construction boots being offered. But this can make picking […]

Uncovering the Best Boot Dryer on The Market (2017)

Looking for a boot dryer to dry your boots and gloves and to keep them free of germs and smells? The boot dryer is a very neat device which allows you to wear your shoes, gloves and other garments comfortably even after you have been out with them in the pouring rain, or after enjoying […]

HOW TO: The Best Way to Shine Boots Like a Pro

Before going to a job interview, a first date, or actually anywhere, do keep in mind that the shoes are one of the first things which people notice about the others.

This is why, keeping your shoes clean, nice and polished could actually be a game changer for your career, love life and for overall success […]

How to Break In Work Boots – DOs and DON’Ts Guide

Breaking in work boots could be a trying process, and it is very important to proceed with care and the proper methods, so that you can wear them comfortably and safely at your workplace, and avoid the horrible blistering and foot pain which can make your work day miserable.

Different kinds of work boots require different […]