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The Complete Guide To Waterproofing Your Work Boots

If you have experienced walking, working, running, hiking or doing whatever else with your feet completely soaked, then you could possibly agree that this is a very miserable experience.

This guide is to help you avoid such situations by properly waterproofing your boots.

Why do you need to waterproof your boots?
It is necessary not only to keep your […]

Composite Toe vs Steel Toe – Pros, Cons and Comparison

Both composite and steel toed safety boots offer good protection for the toes against potentially dangerous impact and compression. Both types have their pros and cons, so there is no one right answer when looking for the best. Of course, the first thing to do is to ask your supervisor about the types of work […]

Safety shoes symbols and their meanings

There are a number of different professions which require that safety shoes and personal protection equipment are worn, in order to avoid the risk of incidents and work hazards while at the job. The hazards vary, as well as the levels of risk. They include the danger of slipping, suffering electric shock, chemical burns, breaking […]