Types of Logger and Lineman Boots

Often when you are looking for logger or for lineman boots, you may find that these types of boots have many common features. Typically both types of boots are made from full thick cowhide which is 7 oz. or more […]

Improve Foot Comfort and Safety at Work

Foot injuries and foot discomfort at work will lower the productivity at the job and the quality of life of the employees. The main types of foot injuries which can occur at work are: toe or metatarsal crushing, punctures, lacerations, […]

10 Plumbing Safety Tips

If you are planning to do some DIY plumbing, here are 10 plumbing safety tips which will not only help you do the job properly, but will keep you and your plumbing safe as well. Make sure you take the […]

How Should Boots Fit? Making Sure that You Have Chosen the Best Fitting Boots

When you are buying boots, there are so many different features which you are probably looking for that often getting a proper fit is undermined. The fact is though, no matter how pretty, well-made, well-cushioned and safe your boots are, […]

What Type of Footwear Protects Your Entire Foot and Offers the Ultimate Protection

There are various boots and shoes which protect the entire foot, but first of all you need to define what type of protection you are looking for, so that you can find the most suitable pair of boots to serve […]

Construction Type of Work Boots – Everything You Need to Know

Noticed the drastic difference in the pricing of different types of work boots? This is normal and could be due to the various types of material used, the brand name, the country of origin, the manufacturer and many other reasons. […]

5 Easy Tips To Dry Your Wet Boots Faster

Wearing wet boots can be a truly miserable experience. You will feel uncomfortable, cold and your feet will slip in them which can cause slippage, injuries as well as painful blistering. Also, not letting your shoes dry properly before putting […]

Work Boots Repair Guide

There is a tear on your boot? Your sole is starting to fall off? Before tossing them out and heading to the shoe store for a new pair, why not try to repair them by yourself? Yes, for serious damage […]

How to make your work boots last longer?

Good quality work boots can be quite an investment. Since you most probably want to make the best of it, and wear them for longer, you need to take the time to take proper care for them too. Proper care […]

How Are Boots and Shoes Supposed To Fit?

It is vital for your health, wellbeing and overall experience and performance that you wear boots which fit you properly, be it when it comes to running shoes, work boots or everyday casual shoes. Shoes which fit your foot size, […]