Fun, Interesting and Weird Feet Facts

It is possible that you haven’t given too much thought about your feet and feet in general, but there are some interesting and fun facts about feet which you may be interested in. Here are some feet -related facts which […]

How To Keep Shoe Strings Tied

How to keep shoe strings tied and keep them from untying
Your shoe laces keep untying themselves, and you are tired of having to kneel down and re-tie them all the time? Well, there are numerous ways to keep your shoe […]

How To Stretch Boot Calves

If you are like many of us, you may often find that the great boots you bought can be a little too tight on the calves. This is surely an inconvenience as it may stop you from being able to […]

Lineman Boots vs Logger Boots – Comparison

Common features
They may look very similar, and sure, they have similar features, but logger and lineman boots are actually quite different due to the different purposes they serve.

Logger boots are designed and made to provide ultimate traction through the caulks […]

How to Become a Lineman – Everything You Need to Know

Overview of Requirements and Application process:
Years of apprenticeship and training are required to become a lineman. Some states require that journeyman linemen are certified for competence of personnel for process safety standards.

In order to become an apprentice, one must join […]

Aluminum toe vs Steel toe – Pros, Cons and Comparison

Having the proper safety work boots is crucial for your well-being, performance and actually lays the foundation for the safety at work. This is why choosing the proper safety toe boots or other protective footwear should be done carefully and […]

HOW TO: The Best Way to Shine Boots Like a Pro

Before going to a job interview, a first date, or actually anywhere, do keep in mind that the shoes are one of the first things which people notice about the others.

This is why, keeping your shoes clean, nice and polished […]

How to Break In Work Boots – DOs and DON’Ts Guide

Breaking in work boots could be a trying process, and it is very important to proceed with care and the proper methods, so that you can wear them comfortably and safely at your workplace, and avoid the horrible blistering and […]

The Complete Guide To Waterproofing Your Work Boots

If you have experienced walking, working, running, hiking or doing whatever else with your feet completely soaked, then you could possibly agree that this is a very miserable experience.

This guide is to help you avoid such situations by properly waterproofing […]

Composite Toe vs Steel Toe – Pros, Cons and Comparison

Both composite and steel toed safety boots offer good protection for the toes against potentially dangerous impact and compression. Both types have their pros and cons, so there is no one right answer when looking for the best. Of course, […]