How to keep shoe strings tied and keep them from untying

Your shoe laces keep untying themselves, and you are tired of having to kneel down and re-tie them all the time? Well, there are numerous ways to keep your shoe laces tied, as well as various lacing techniques which can help resolve this problem.

If your running shoes keep untying themselves, you can use a simple trick to help prevent this annoying problem. You can make a knot at the end of each lace when the trainers are loosened and untied. This will help stop the laces from getting pulled out of the eyelets. Also, the knots will stop the bow from untying itself. For an even more security you can double knot the laces when tying them. You can also secure the loops beneath the shoe laces on your running shoes, and this will make sure that your running is uninterrupted by untied laces. This works for flat, round as well as bubble laces.

There are specific knots such as the Ian knot invented by Ian Fieggen, which is a neat and very secure knotting technique. There is also the Standard shoelace knot which is more secure than the normal Granny knot most of us have learned to tie as a child.

Of course, if you don’t want to bother with more complicated knots, make sure that your regular Granny knot has balanced bows, so that the laces stay tied.

Another important tip to keep in mind is that laces tend to get untied more frequently when they get worn out or stretched. It will help if you replace them with new ones.

How to keep leather shoelaces tied

If your leather shoelaces (such as those) keep getting untied, you can try this simple trick: take them off and wet them, then proceed to dry them with a hair dryer or lace them back on the shoes wet and wear them until they dry.

The Corkscrew knot aka the Boat Shoe knot is very suitable for leather laces too.

How to keep round shoelaces tied

Keeping round laces nicely tied is also a tricky task, ask policemen who has to deal with their duty boots‘ laces. You may try to apply beeswax or candle wax on the round laces to get them waxed. This could help keep them tied. Round and shiny laces definitely need to be waxed.

In addition, you may want to try tying a double knot to keep the round laces securely tied. The double slip knot includes crossing the two loops made from the laces and passing them both through the middle hole. Ian’s secure knot is also a great solution for keeping round laces properly tied.