Finding the most suitable work boots which fit your needs and fit your feet perfectly is a difficult task, but even if you find a pair which is great, you will definitely benefit quite a lot from getting insoles for them too. The fact is that the best insoles for work boots will offer you the comfort and support which you need while working and spending so much time on foot. They dramatically improve the comfort at work and if you got them right, sore feet will be a thing from the past.

Why your standard work boots insoles won’t cut it

Usually, the standard insoles in the work boots are removable, so that every person who buys a pair can customize them in accordance to their own preferences and needs. Whether it is extra arch support, more cushioning, added stability or pain relief you are looking for, there is a wide variety of insoles made for different types of needs and cases. Insoles come in different types. Some are for added comfort, others are for extra stability and support and then there are the customs orthotics which are custom made for your particular foot problem, ache or form.

Antifatigue Insoles by Timberland#1 Antifatigue Insoles by Timberland
Green Superfeet Premium#2 Green Superfeet Premium
Superfeet Copper Comfort#3 Superfeet Copper Comfort
Hydrofeet Massaging#4 Hydrofeet Massaging
Dr.Scholls comfort & energy#5 Dr.Scholls Massaging gel
Footminders Arch support#6 Footminders Arch support

Timberland pro Unisex Anti-fatigue Technology replacement insole

These insoles by the reputable manufacturer feature a special anti-fatigue technology and a durable leather and synthetic sole covered by the comfortable and moisture managing ortholite layer. They have an anatomical design and a dynamic adaptable arch for maximum comfort, support and fatigue reduction.

They are one of the most comfortable inserts for work boots, because of the added support, comfort, moisture control, energy return and shock absorption. These insoles will most probably need to be cut to fit your work boots, but the support and comfort they provide make them absolutely worth the money.

Superfeet Premium Shoe Insoles, Green

These are another top pick for the best insoles for work boots, because of their high-quality make, the nice support they provide and their professional grade high arch which helps relieve the pain and soreness resulting from plantar fasciitis, and other arch and foot pain. They feature adaptable midsoles, supportive foam filling and a heel cap for improved shock absorption and comfort. Their latex free, vegan and anti-bacterial coating adds to the overall comfort of your heels and feet while spending hours and hours in your work boots.

There is no doubt that these insoles have proven themselves as high-quality, affordable and durable.

Superfeet COPPER Comfort Insoles

These COPPER insoles are great low arched ones to use with your work boots. They are comprised of three foam layers, the top one being memory foam which adapts perfectly to the shape of the heel, the middle layer is the one providing stability and comfort, and the bottom one which provides the perfect support and shape.

They can help resolve various types of foot and heel pains, which makes them perfect for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis and have flat feet. They provide shock absorption and stability via the comfortable and stabilizing heel cup. The antibacterial and vegan covering is another plus.

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Why superfeet orthotics come in different colors?

Hydrofeet Dynamic Liquid Massaging Orthotic Insoles

Another perfect pair of insoles which are very suitable for work boots, these massaging inserts are brilliant for resolving soreness in the feet, and help relieve back pain, bad circulation and a number of other medical conditions. They support the arches, and at the same time offer perfect cushioning and nice massaging of the heels.

They are filled with Glycerin which provides them with much greater viscosity, comfort and support than the ordinary inserts.

They come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and a 3 year warranty which is a giant plus!

Dr. Scholl’s Massaging Gel Work Insoles

Dr. Scholl’s massaging gel insoles are another great choice for wearing with your work boots, because they take the shape of your heels and provides the ultimate comfort and cushioning even when walking and working on very hard surfaces. They offer added support to the sides of the foot and the heel area, so they can help resolve a number of painful foot and arch conditions, and are suitable for just about anyone who wants to keep their feet feel good, not fatigued and without sores or a bad odor after a hard work day!

Footminders Comfort Orthotic Arch Support Insoles

Designed by podiatrists specifically to ease the pain due to flat feet or plantar fasciitis. They work great both in work shoes or in sports shoes. No matter whether you practice your favorite sport or stand or walk for prolonged periods of time, these orthotics will provide firm arch support.

If you are unsure for the exact sizing, order a size bigger as you can cut it exactly according to the length of your foot. They are not very thick and easily fit in most shoes.

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Available types of insoles for work boots

However carefully you pick your work boots, there are ways to make them feel even more comfortable on your feet. The best way to guarantee that they are comfy and provide sufficient support to your feet, legs and body during the long working hours is to get a pair of good quality insoles for them.

There is a wide variety of inserts which you can choose from, so it is important to know the differences between the different types available so that you can pick the most suitable ones for you. Here are the main types of insoles which are available for your work footwear:

Insoles with added support for high arches

They are made to provide sufficient and comfortable support for people with high arches, in order to ensure they get added cushioning and also that their body weight is properly balanced throughout the feet rather than mainly on the ball of the feet.

Insoles with medium or normal arch support

Even though most are are made for normal arches, so if you don’t have problems with low or high arches look for this type of insert for your work boots.

Insoles for plantar fasciitis with added infused gel technology

This technology will help balance out the body weight evenly on your feet and will ensure that cushioning is provided at the exact spots necessary. These are great for working on concrete, too!

Memory foam insoles

These will accustom to your specific heel and foot shape and form, so as to ensure a cradle-like fit. They do tend to get warmer than other types such as those which are gel infused.

GUIDE: What To Look For When Buying

 If you are not certain which type of inserts to buy, here are some tips on what to look for so that you make the best choice for your specific needs:

Strong and durable arch support. Choose them in accordance to your foot and arch type, and make sure you get a pair which ensures that your heels have full contact with the footbeds and also that the body weight is balanced evenly among all parts of the foot. This will help keep your feet and legs healthy and fatigue and sore free even after long hours spent at work.

Best cushioning along with reliable support for your feet. The best insoles for work boots will offer good shock absorption and that help correct any problems with your foot shape r gait which can cause pain and health problems.

Made of breathable materials. Even the most comfortable insoles can become a health hazard or can cause you major discomfort if they are not breathable, so make sure you pick a pair which allows your feet to breathe to keep them dry, germ free, comfortable and healthy.

Fit Properly Make sure you try on and pick a pair of insoles which fit your foot size, shape and arch height best. This is essential if you want to feel comfortable and be at your best when wearing your work boots day after day. It is always better to get trimmable inserts so that you can customize them to fit your boots and feet.

Durability You may want to pay more and get a high quality pair of insoles but ensure that they serve you well for longer, rather than getting cheap inserts which will wear down and break easily and can cause even more discomfort and damage to your feet in the long run.


So, here are our top picks for the most comfortable and simply the best work boot insoles that are currently sold on the market. Some of them are best suited towards flat feet, other ease the heel pain; some are a bit thinner then other, but all of them are suitable for work boots. While it is quite difficult to find rugged and comfortable safety boots, replacing the factory one-suits-all insole with one gear towards your specific problem is completely doable.