Sweaty feet shouldn’t be taken lightly because they can cause some serious troubles. This is why soldiers and survival instructors always say that your top priority should be keeping your feet dry at all times.

When you have to stand for an entire shift, your feet tend to become pretty sweaty. That is why it’s important for you to wear quality breathable work boots. They can help you by keeping your feet dry, but also comfortable during long periods of standing or walking.

How can sweaty feet affect your work performance? What work boots for sweaty feet are the best ones on the market? What features make them the best choice? This article should help clear that up.

Problems caused by sweaty feet at work

Sweaty feet can lead to some troublesome health issues if neglected. For starters, sweaty feet cause you to lose liquids and therefore, cause dehydration. Dehydrated body has less essential electrolytes and nutrients, so it’s much weaker and unable to perform as it could in normal conditions.

Second problem caused by sweaty feet is appearance of blisters and infections. Moist feet slip around inside your shoes, which scrapes the skin off your feet soles, causing blisters. And when your skin is exposed and damp inside a dark and moist area, it will get infections.

What causes your feet to sweat?

A couple of factors cause your feet to sweat. For starters, your feet may sweat if you have a predisposition to excessive sweating. Air temperature is another important factor. If it’s very hot outside, it’s natural to have sweaty feet. Physical activity also contributes to having sweaty feet.

Hyperhydrosis [1] is a health condition which causes a person to sweat excessively. Plantar hyperhydrosis [2] is a variation of this condition that impacts your feet. People who suffer from it will have sweaty feet regardless of the outside temperature and physical activity they’re performing.

How do I stop my feet from sweating in my work boots?

There’s a few things you can do to control sweating of your feet to an extent. Always keep your feet clean. After coming home from a long day at work, wash your feet properly, with an antibacterial soap. Apply antiperspirants or deodorants to your feet, just like you would apply it to your armpits. Don’t the areas between your fingers, put some deodorant in there too.

If your feet are sweating excessively, try putting them in a tub filled with black tea. The tannic acid will help eliminate sweat. After that, dry your feet and apply some foot powder on them. You can also put some of this powder on your socks and inside your shoes.

Always keep your shoes and socks dry and clean. Put some newspapers inside your shoes when you aren’t wearing them. They will gather all of the moisture and ensure that your shoes are dry.

Have at least two pairs of boots and rotate them daily. If you don’t have two comfortable pairs or your feet sweat profusely and your boots cannot dry in due time, use boot dryers to help your trusted pair of boots dry thoroughly overnight.

Try to use only quality products when it comes to socks and footwear. Don’t neglect even the slippers you use at home. Get a quality pair of cool anti-sweat slippers to use indoors and keep on top of sweat and smell. Socks need to be able to collect all of the sweat off your feet so that they can stay as dry as possible. Your footwear need to be comfortable, well ventilated and supportive. Next we’ll see what kind of features your work shoes should have in order to reduce sweating.

Features to look for in the best work boots for sweaty feet

  • Mesh lining does an excellent job at reducing sweating of your feet. It gathers up all of the moisture from the inside of the boots and then channels it to the outside through a special membrane. This helps keep the interior dry but also allows air to circulate, ensuring that it stays moisture free.
  • Arch support also helps reduce sweating. They reduce the fatigue your feet endure and by doing so, also make them sweat much less. Not to mention the fact that you will be more productive and able to work longer without feeling pain or discomfort.
  • Low profile is the last feature your work boots should have. Boots with longer shafts aren’t able to reduce sweating as much, simply because air has to travel longer to get out. Low shaft makes the moist air leave your boots quicker, drying your feet faster.
  • Specialized waterproof membrane – Most waterproof work boots prevent moisture from leaving, not just entering the boots and cause your feet to sweat. It is quite difficult to balance both waterproofness and breathability. That’s why models that have a specialized waterproof membrane. That membrane will prevent water from entering your footwear while allowing air to circulate in and out of them. In other words, your feet will surely remain dry in any conditions.

Best overall composite toe work boots for sweaty feet

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Here’s a list of features these safety boots boast.

  • Nonmetallic hardware and a safety underfoot protect the wearer from any electrical accidents. Stepping on open wires or energized conductors present no threat for you if you have these boots on.
  • Those composite toe safety boots will ensure that your feet receive no injuries when hit with 75 pounds or when being pressed by 2500 pounds. If your coworker accidentally runs over your feet with a car, you probably won’t feel a thing.
  • Moisture channeling mesh lining with an antibacterial treatment will keep your feet dry and healthy at all times. Combined technology of the interior manages the temperature inside your shoes, preventing your feet from overheating.
  • You can wear these boots for hours without feeling fatigue. High rebound EVA heel insert and a polyurethane midsole absorb impact and provide stability. It’s like a couch, but on your feet.
  • Rubber sole is resistant to almost anything. Oil, abrasion, slipping, you name it.

Best Redwing breathable work boots

Red wing heritage moc boot
If you're looking for best hot weather work boots that prevent excessive sweating of your feet, these stylish boots are the right choice for you. Old school cool look, reddish genuine leather and waterproof exterior are some of their most prominent features. Let's check out all of their characteristics.
  • Entire day of working won’t be as hard with the comfortable leather insole these shoes have.
  • A low shaft and antiperspirant properties make these boots ideal for people who have issues with sweaty feet.
  • Waterproof and stain resistant exterior ensures that these boots look great at all times. It also helps keep your feet dry while you’re working in wet conditions. However note that the boots themselves are NOT waterproof
  • The outsole is a crepe wedge one and it provides good traction, keeping to steady and stable.

Best leather hot weather work boots

Keen utility men's flint mid work boots
These light duty work boots are an excellent choice for people who struggle with very sweaty feet. They are the best breathable work boots thanks to the advanced moisture and perspiration reduction properties. They are also visually appealing for working folks of all ages. Here's a list of their features.
  • Exterior is made of genuine leather, while the soles are made of rubber. You won’t be slipping accidentally if you wear these boots.
  • With a mesh lining and cutout sides that help ventilate the insides of these boots, your feet won’t be sweating anytime soon. And if they do, they will dry up in a matter of moments. This makes these boots great for people who suffer from plantar hyperhydrosis.
  • With dual density cushioning on the insoles, padded tongue and collar, and a stability shank, your feet will feel comfortable even after prolonged periods of walking or standing. This puts them among the most comfortable breathable work boots on the market.

Heavy Duty Sweat Proof Work Boots

Keen braddock Steel Toe work boot
Construction workers people with similar jobs who battle sweaty feet will love these boots without a doubt. They are designed to keep your feet dry and safe during medium to heavy duty work. American made, with a steel toe, they are a working man's favorite choice. Let's have a look at their features.
  • Steel, aluminum, and composite toe design keeps your feet safe from impacts of 75 pounds and pressure up to 2500 pounds. Dropping hammers or power drills accidentally on your feet won’t injure you.
  • The toe design is asymmetrical and it ensures comfort and safety for your feet. Specially patented outsoles cover wrap up to your entire fingers from all sides, providing you with extra protection.
  • Waterproof membrane prevents moisture from getting inside your boots but allows it to leave them. Together with the side cutouts that provide good ventilation, this technology will keep your feet dry and comfortable during those long days at work.
  • Outsoles are slip resistant, oil resistant, and abrasion resistant, providing good stability in any conditions.
  • Made entirely in America, these shoes implement quality materials and keep the leftover waste to minimum.

Aluminum toe summer work boots

Irish setter men's 6 83605 work boot
Work boots that are visually appealing but also offer good protection and comfort, these Irish setters are one of the best on the market. They provide adequate protection during light to medium duty work, which makes them ideal for construction workers or mechanics. Here's a list of their specifications.
  • Aluminum toe protects your feet from impacts of 75 pounds and pressure of 2500 pounds. The shoes are also resistant to electrical discharge, so you won’t get injured if you accidentally step on open circuits.
  • Heat resistant outer layer will protect your feet from heat at a minimum of 475 degrees Fahrenheit. If you’re working on road construction, hot asphalt won’t harm your feet if it spills over your boots.
  • Rubber sole provides good stability on wet or oily surfaces.
  • These boots are waterproof, but to an extent. They will keep rain out but if you step in deep water, your feet will get wet.
  • Non woven nylon lining isn’t very good at absorbing moisture, so wear quality socks with these shoes if your feet tend to sweat. However, the shaft is very low so if there’s any moisture on the inside, it should get out relatively quickly.

Most comfortable anti-sweat work boots

Wolverine men’s w02421 raider boot
That cool look of a Canadian lumberjack will never become outdated. These boots don't just look good though, they also do an excellent job at handling excessive sweating of your feet. On top of that, they are very comfortable to wear. Your work days will get just a little shorter with these on your feet. Let's check out what they have to offer.
  • These anti-sweat work boots boots are made from genuine leather so that they can look good and last a long time.
  • They are very comfortable, thanks to multiple technologies implement in their design. The insole is fully cushioned and removable, which means you can take it out to dry when not wearing the boots. Patented midsole absorbs impact and provides stability inside the boots.
  • Mesh lining and moisture management technology ensure that your feet will stay dry even after hours of work. The low shank allows moisture to exit the boots quickly, keeping your feet well ventilated.
  • Whether you’re cutting down trees or working in an urban area, you will be stable on your feet at all times. Slip, oil and abrasion resistant outsole guarantees that.
  • These boots are sturdy and supportive, yet very flexible thanks to the special welt construction this manufacturer invented.

Best lightweight breathable work boots

Thorogood american heritage non safety toe boot
If your job doesn't require you to wear shoes with a safety toe, but you need comfortable footwear during long work hours, these boots might be ideal for you. Stylish, breathable, and very comfortable to wear, they are a great choice for light duty workers. Let's take a look at their features and what makes them one of the best lightweight breathable work boots out there.
  • Made in the USA and from genuine leather, these boots allow air to flow and moisture to get out easily.
  • Low shank lets humidity exit the boots very quickly. The shank is made from fiberglass, so it provides the wearer with stability and support. If you slip or make a misstep, you won’t sprain your ankle or twist your foot.
  • Drill vamp cotton lining absorbs and vaporizes sweat very fast. This makes the boots adequate for people who suffer from plantar hyperhydrosis. The lining should handle even excessive sweating.
  • The insole is fully cushioned and its technology allows it to absorbs impact effectively, keeping your feet comfortable at all times. You can also remove the footbed entirely. This is great for when you want to wash it and keep the inside of your boots as clean as possible.
  • Rubber midsole and sole offer good stability even on slippery surfaces.

Budget and reliable steel toe work boots for sweaty feet

Caterpillar men's 2nd shift 6 steel toe boot
CAT is a synonym for quality, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that a pair of budget boots from them found their way onto this list. If you need reliable moisture wicking boots, but your budget isn't very high, this might be the right choice for you. Time to take a look at their features and specifications.
  • Upper exterior is made of genuine leather. You can choose between a smooth, shiny exterior, or a velvet like fibery surface.
  • Steel toe and a steel shank provide protection and support. These are one of the best steel toe work boots you can currently get. Impacts of 75 pound and pressure of 2500 pounds won’t be able to harm your feet if you’re wearing these boots. If you miss a step, you won’t sprain your ankle thanks to the steel shank. These features make the boots ideal for construction workers and others with medium to heavy duty jobs.
  • Low shank and a breathable climasphere insole ensure that your feet stay dry even if they tend to sweat a lot. Bad odors and bacteria won’t be able to survive for long inside these boots. The lining is made of nylon but it does the job of handling moisture very well. A sock liner made of polyurethane provides comfort and it can be removed, which comes in handy when you want to wash it.
  • Traction outsole is made from rubber and it is oil resistant.
  • Speed lacing on the shaft help you get ready for work much faster than you would with regular laces.


All of the breathable work boots we reviewed here today are some of the best ones for hot weather and sweaty, smelly feet you will find on the market. They all handle sweat very well and provide comfort during long days at work. It’s up to you to decide now, which boots are the right ones for you? Hopefully, this article will help you make that decision.

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