Which is the best choice for men and women walking on hardwood floors with slippersWalking around the house in shoes or sneakers doesn’t bode well with both your flooring and your time management. Obviously, if you wear outdoor footwear inside the house you’ll bring in all kinds of dirty messy stuff which you’ll later have to clean of course. And if your shoes are wet or sticky or similar, you may even cause some damage to your floor, especially hardwood types of it.

But walking around barefoot isn’t the solution either. You’ll catch a cold more easily and you risk some joint pains a bit later down the road. And believe me, you don’t need that in your life.

So what’s the solution to this problem then? That’s an easy question with an apparent answer. Slippers. With them you’ll feel comfortable and cozy around the house and your house will stay clean and tidy much longer.

However, choosing appropriate footwear or in this case slippers isn’t quite as easy as one would think. And since we don’t want you to waste money on a wrong choice, we’re going to be kind enough to show you how and why to choose your new slippers for indoor use in your home with hardwood floors or hard tile floors.

Well then, let’s begin.

Best women’s slippers for hardwood & hard tiles

In order to make things a bit more clear and avoid bulky lists, we’ll separate our top slippers into a few categories. Since we’ve been raised properly, we are going to let the ladies go first and check out the best choices for them.

ACORN Women’s Moc Slipper

Want really great and cosy house slippers for hardwood floors made for womenAcorn’s Moc slipper is our first pick or more precisely, the one which opens up this list. Warm, comfortable, stylish and reliable, these women’s hardwood flooring slippers offer you just that and for a quite reasonable price tag. Memory foam multilayer Cloud Cushion insole with memory foam foot bed added support provides you with even pressure dispersion which means no more painful heels for you, at least not while you wear these babies.

The soles are made from a waterproof material that doesn’t slip but instead sticks to the floor, allowing you to have good traction and stability at all times, even when using these slippers in outdoor conditions.

You can choose among nineteen different styles and colors ranging from light to dark, fluffy or smooth, pattern or single color and so on. All materials are very comfortable and offer you a nice cooling sensation in the summer, as well as warm and cozy feeling in the winter. Some models like Berbers, Fleece and Wooley Stripes are made from more flexible fabrics and they can stretch over time so keep that in mind before you buy a certain model. Always wash them in cold water and air dry them only.

These slippers are affordable yet very pretty and comfortable so they make for a great gift for your loved ones, friends or family.

Women’s Coral Velvet Slip-on Memory Foam Clog Indoor Slippers

Coral Velvet Slip-onThose velvet bauties are the next candidate on our list. These usual house slippers are exactly what most people imagine when they hear the words women’s indoor slippers. Simple yet stylish design is the major characteristic which defines these slippers.

These slippers are made so that your feet feel very comfortable while wearing them, thanks to the three layer insole. The mentioned insole is constructed from two different materials, one layer thick memory foam on top and two layers soft sponge beneath. Unlike the previous model we reviewed, this one has an open heel which means the slippers don’t wrap around your entire foot so you might want to avoid wearing them in very cool areas.

The soles are made of plastic rubber so they offer great stability and you won’t slip accidentally while going our for papers in those snowy winter mornings. They come in six different colors and four different sizes. However, the sizes are a bit larger than the manufacturer states so be smart when choosing your own. It might be best if you get a size that’s one smaller, as in, if you think large is for you, take medium and if you think medium is good for you, take the small size. You can wash these slippers both by hand and in the washing machine, it’s up to you.

Since the manufacturer allows you to return the slippers and get your money back if you don’t like them, we suggest you buy them and check them out. If you like them, great, if not, then just return them.

RockDove Women’s Fleece Lined Indoor Outdoor House Shoes

Rock dove women's memory foamThose memory foam slippers from Rock Dove will be the one to wrap up this list of best slippers for women. The company that makes these actually didn’t even make slippers at first but instead, they focused on customizing and fixing boots for birdwatchers. Bit by bit, after they’ve collected enough information on slippers manufacturing, they switched their focus on just that.

Anyways, these slippers are basically jackets for your feet. They look like that and pretty much perform like that. KeepIng your feet warm and cozy while protecting you from the elements. Well I guess indoor elements don’t exist but still, maybe one day rain starts falling in your living and guess what, your feet probably won’t get wet.

The soles are hard and don’t usually slip which means you can use them outdoors as well. Insoles are made from memory foam, making the slippers very comfortable and cozy. The slippers wrap around your whole foot so they won’t accidentally slip off when you go up the stairs or similar.

They come in three different colors and four sixes. The manufacturer recommends buying a one size larger than your regular shoe size so that they fit better. You can wash them however you wish but use cold water only!

If you like to camp or you often travel with your campervan then these indoor shoes for women might be your best choice.

Best men’s house shoes for hardwood floors

Moving on to our next section which is dedicated to us men. CARS, BEER, GRILL! Now that we’ve got everyone’s attention, let’s see what kinds of best house shoes for hardwood floors or hard tiles do we have here.

ACORN Men’s Crosslander Moc Slipper Moccasin

Acorn CrosslanderACORN Crosslander  slipper please enter the scene. These men’s inhouse slippers will probably fool a lot of your house guests. They’ll be all like “Why are you wearing moccasins indoors?” and you will be able to laugh diabolically to their foolishness. Because they are actually slippers.

Comfortable and warm, these quality wool slippers offer both stability and aesthetics, allowing you to wear them both indoors and outdoors. Arch support and soft cushioning prevent the slightest possibility of feet pain from occurring even when you wear them for a long time. Thanks to the wool interior, you can freely wear them barefoot and not feel cold while doing so. What’s more – no more sweaty feet issues at all.

They come in two colors, chestnut and grey and in three different sizes. The price tag is bit hefty but they are quite original and pretty so it doesn’t really come as a surprise.

Tamarac 7161 by Slippers International

tamarac 7161Tamarac 7161 comes up next. These indoor slippers for hardwood flooring are very similar to the ones we just reviewed so there’s not much left to say, other than to point out their main differences.

The previous model is made from textile and this one is made from leather. The interior of the previous slippers is made from real sheep fur while this one is made from synthetic fur. These slippers also have a memory foam insole so they might be more comfortable.

And the last difference is variety. These come in nine different colors and a whole lot of different sizes. The price tag is also very similar to the previous model’s but if you’re lucky, you might get these for a bit less money.

RockDove Men’s Closed Back Down Slipper

Rock Dove men's memory foamRock Dove’s memory foam slipper will wrap this list of soft and quiet slippers for hardwood floors for men. Wait a minute, these slippers look awfully familiar. That’s right, they’re basically the same ones as those jackets for feet for women!

Comfortable and warm, great for camping or regular indoor use. Memory foam insoles and insulated back heel offer a really cozy feeling and stability while walking. They also have a EVA foam for absorbing impact which makes them the best house slippers for hardwood floors or hard tiles.

They come in three colors and six different sizes. The price tag is reasonable and they are the most affordable choice among our proper house slippers for hardwood floors hard tiles for men.

Best unisex crocs for hardwood flooring:

Crocs Unisex Mammoth EVO Lined Clog

Mammoth are best crocs for hard floors as they work extremely well both on tiles and on hardwood floorsCrocs Mammoth are up next which means it’s time we checked out something different, something adequate for both men and women. It doesn’t matter which one you are, if you want to up your sexiness level by a million, you must buy these bad boys.

Whether you spend a lot of time standing and walking indoors so you need an appropriately comfortable footwear or you just like to have nice slippers on your feet while relaxing in your home, these are the right house shoes for hardwood and hard tile floors.

The footbed of these crocs is a bit thin, but since they’re shaped as they are, these slippers feel quite comfortable. Not as much as the ones we reviewed earlier though. They have a foldable back heel so you can wear them as clogs or as regular footwear.

The lining is removable so that they can be washed more easily. This is also great for one other thing. Beach. If you’re going to the beach for an afternoon dip or to the seaside for a vacation, these crocs will make your experience even better. Just remove the lining and you’ll avoid stepping on those pesky sharp rocks or shells and hurting yourself in the process. Since they’re synthetic, these slippers won’t mind getting wet and salty so you don’t have to worry about damaging them.

You can choose among three colors and a lot of size types. These crocs aren’t exactly cheap but they aren’t expensive either, considering the fact that they’re fit for both indoor and outdoor use.