If you are faced with the uneven challenge of having to deal with sweaty feet on a daily basis, then you know just how vital it is to get a good no sweat pair of slippers to feel comfortable and fresh when you come home and kick off your formal or work footwear.

The secret to ensuring that you get proper slippers for your sweaty feet is to look for ones which are made of merino, wool, cotton or other natural materials, and don’t forget to look at the efficiency of the moisture wicking lining of the slippers too.

Also, as with all shoes for indoor use, you should pick a pair which is comfortable, cushioned and provides safety and support too. It definitely helps if the slippers look good too, right?

Here are my picks for the no sweat slippers on the market you should check out.

Best value slippers for men with sweaty feet – Acorn Men’s Digby Gore Mule

Fantastic choice – are the best inhouse slippers for sweaty feetThe Digby Gore Mule not only look amazing, but provide ultimate comfort and warmth while at the same time keep your feet from drowning in sweat. The top quality Italian wool ensures that your feet remain warm in the cold seasons and cool in the summer, and keeps them from sweating and smelling. These cool house slippers are made of 67% Italian merino wool and an added 33% of lightweight and soft polyester. Their lining is very efficient for moisture wicking and will provide ultimate comfort and freshness at all times.

Plus, the trademark Acorn Cloud Contour footbeds will literally make you feel like you are treading on small clouds. The outsoles are robust and will keep you safe from slipping on some rather slippery surfaces in your home or backyard.  This is why I highly recommend them as slippers for hard floors too.

The sizing does run a bit larger, so when you are ordering you should keep this in mind and possibly order half a size down in order to ensure a comfortable fit.

You won’t need to bend down and struggle taking the Digby Gore Mule because they have a very convenient medial gore which makes them easy to slip on and off. Yet it too helps keep the foot steady and in place so you don’t trip while walking around your home or going up or down the stairs.

One possible setback is that they are not machine washable but you can safely wash them by hand and air dry them to ensure they remain fresh and vibrant.

Great looking, comfortable and safe, these beauties from Acorn are excellent slippers for men who have sweaty feet issues.

Best indoors + outdoors cool slippers for guys – RockDove Two-Tone

Another excellent contender - is a high quality all year-round anti-sweat slipperThe two-tone slippers are the top pick for indoor and outdoor cool slippers for men mainly due to the top notch materials they are made of. They are 95% cotton and 5% spandex and thus the comfort, softness and the breathable cotton are perfectly combined with the elasticity of spandex.

These are slippers that are also moisture-wicking which makes them a superb choice for the warm summer. The terry cloth lining will ensure that any sweat is quickly wicked off and that your feet stay dry and odor free.

Another feature which I love about the Rock Dove is their memory foam footbeds which will help your feet feel cozy, comfy and all relaxed when you come home. They are very easy to slip on due to their comfortable low heel collar. Once you have them on your feet will remain safely inside to prevent any tripping or stumbling.

Furthermore, these moisture-wicking slippers look stylish and classy. The two tone combination is a joy to the eye, so you can say goodbye to those old and boring looking slippers once and for all if you pick this particular pair.

The extra thick soles can handle some outdoor use as well, so you can safely wear the two tones to go outside to get your newspaper or to run an errand in your backyard. The durable outsoles do make the Rock Dove Two tone a bit heavy but this adds to their stability which I love about them.

They too are not machine washable, but you can keep them looking nice and clean by washing them with cold water and letting them air out from time to time.

Note that this model does tend to run a tad small, so if you have high arches, or want to wear thick socks with them you should probably order half or one size.

Overall, this is one of my top recommendations for all guys whose feet tend to sweat a lot.

Best indoor men’s slippers for sweaty feet – ACORN Men’s Moc

Your heels will be well supported with these MocsThe Moc are a pair of extra cool slippers for our sweaty feet for indoor use. Given the reputation of Acorn, there is no doubt that this particular model is of highest quality and which will last long.

The Acorn Mocs are cool house slippers that don’t get feet sweaty due to the good quality, natural materials they are made of. The cotton is light and breathable and is combined with sidewalls made of sturdy and stylish suede to keep you cool and stable all the time.

The cotton blend terry linings are not only cozy and comfortable but are also moisture wicking, so you can say goodbye to those smelly and sweaty feet once and for all. Acorn Mocs are especially suitable for the warmest months of the year when even people who don’t tend to sweat too much perspire more.

The multilayered cushioned footbeds provide ultimate comfort, shock absorption and softness, so your feet will not only feel nice and dry but you will have the constant feeling of walking on puffy clouds when you wear this pair of Moc from Acorn.

Since their design is like a hybrid between slippers and loafers they look pretty stylish but can be harder to put on as compared to the RockDove. So you will need to bend over and use your hands to be able to slip them on. This though will safeguard you from tripping which is often the case with slippers which fall loose and come off accidentally while you are walking or climbing stairs.

The middle part of the Moc is made of fabric which does need a bit of stretching, so don’t worry if you feel a bit too constricted or stiff when you put these one. They will stretch pretty soon, so you will be able to enjoy their comfort, coziness and breathability at their fullest pretty soon after you take them out of the box.

Unisex slippers – suitable for men’s or women’s sweaty feet – LE KAPMOZ Breathable Wool

Those are fantastic anti sweat house slippers to wear during the hot summer daysSome ladies are also plagued with the sweaty feet problem which can be an uncomfortable and embarrassing condition especially when there is excessive sweating involved. The Unisex wool house slippers from Le Kapmoz are an impeccable choice both for females and for males who want to resolve the issue of sweaty and smelly feet.

Made of highest quality boiled merino wool, this pair of cool slippers for sweaty feet has a typical German style and is extremely comfortable to wear throughout the year. The all natural merino wool will keep your feet warm in the winter and nice and cool in the summer. They are breathable and also have a wonderful moisture wicking feature which will keep your feet free from uncomfortable perspiration at all times.

The comfort which these unisex house slippers provide is supreme. They are fitted with insoles made of contoured latex to cradle your heels and support your feet perfectly. They are also slip resistant and very durable, so you will be making a long-term investment if you choose to buy a pair for yourself or for both you and your partner. The heel and arch support they provide will help relieve any soreness, pain or fatigue, so you will feel instant relief once you slip them on after coming home.

These cool house slippers are the perfect gift for a couple, because they are designed and made to be stylish and comfortable for both sexes.

More so, Le Kapmoz offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so you can get your cash back if for one reason or another you are not happy with these merino wool slippers.

Overall, this is a perfect option for both men or women who want to say goodbye to sweaty foot issues, fatigue and soreness, and who want slippers which will feel great no matter the weather and the temperatures.

Best overall sweaty feet slippers – LE KAPMOZ Boiled Wool Cozy

Looking and feeling great just like walking on cloudsThe Boiled Wool Cozy Slip from Le Kapmoz is my pick for flawless set of women’s slippers for sweaty feet.

Again, bearing that classic German style, the Le Kapmoz are made of 100% all natural boiled Merino wool. Due to the breathability and moisture wicking features of this high quality material, your feet will stay sweat-free and fresh both in the warmest and the coldest days of the year.

The especially designed contoured latex insole provides perfect support to the arches and heels, so even after a long work day wearing heels or after a tough workout, once you slip these Le Kapmoz on your feet will thank you.

They have special anti-microbial features, which along with the reliable moisture wicking and breathability will ensure that you never need to deal with uncomfortable and embarrassing sweaty or smelly feet at home again.

They provide reliable traction so there will be no more slipping and tripping on wet or polished surfaces at home. Plus, they are very durable as well.

You can’t wash these in a washing machine, but they can be washed with cold water and left to dry naturally, so you can keep them looking as good as new at all times.

These top quality wool slippers from the reputed manufacturer are sold with a satisfaction guarantee, so you will get 100% of the money you paid for them if you are not perfectly happy with the fit sizing or for other reasons.

So, if you want your feet to be well supported, cushioned, sweat-free and comfortable all year around – pick this particular model from Le Kapmoz as is possibly the best choice you can make!

Best women’s no sweat slippers – ISOTONER Classic Terry Clog

If you prefer simpler but comfy style-these Isotoners are just right for youResponsive, cushioned and 100% breathable the Classic Terry Clog is also among my favorites for the ultimate slipper for cold and sweaty feet for women.

With a stylish and classic style, they will suit any lady and will make her feel happy and comfy as soon as she steps into them.

They are made of a breathable cotton blend terry which odor and moisture wicking and superbly comfortable. The added cushioning from the memory foam insoles will help your feet feel relaxed and will relieve any soreness. The adaptive technology from Isotoner will help alleviate any fatigue or pain from wearing heels or other restrictive shoes. It will also help absorb the shock from walking or standing on solid surfaces, which is why this warm weather slippers set is perfect for walking on hard floors as well.

You can wear these both inside or outside for quick errands without fear of getting your feet wet or of slipping on wet surfaces thanks to their durable rubber sole.

They are easy to put on due to their open heels and yet are safe and comfortable to wear as they provide sufficient stability.

The Isotoner Terries are machine washable, which means that you can just throw them in with the rest of your laundry in order to keep them in pristine condition.

Light, cushioned, responsive and extremely comfortable, the Isotoner’s Classic is an excellent choice for any woman, especially for those who want to prevent any uncomfortable sweating of the feet when wearing thick socks or when the temperatures at home are high.

You will soon find that the moment you come home and slip these Classic Terry Clogs on will become one of your favorite moments of your busy day if you choose to buy a pair of them now!

FAQ: Why do my feet sweat so much?

Sweating is a perfectly natural process which allows the human body to regulate its temperature. The problem arises when you find that your feet sweat more than normal even when you are not warm as this may cause quite a bit of discomfort, slipping and embarrassing odor release.

Some people are genetically inclined to sweat more than others, but in some cases overly-perspiring feet may be a symptom of an underlying health condition or problem such as hyperhidrosis or others which you should talk to your doctor about.

A common reason for sweaty feet is wearing the wrong type of shoe and sock. Stick to all-natural materials such as cotton, wool, leather which are breathable and which will not cause your feet to feel like they are boiling after just a few steps.

FAQ: How to prevent sweaty feet?

Here are some easy tips you can start implementing right now! But first, watch a short video where naturopathic doctor Stacy Mobley shares her favorite smell prevention tips

  • Good hygiene – wash your feet and toes meticulously with antibacterial soap on a daily or bi-daily basis and always wear a fresh pair of socks.
  • Choose socks and shoes made of natural materials which are breathable and moisture wicking. (Update: we have compiled a list of the best work boots for sweaty feet to help you find exactly what you need FAST)
  • Do not wear constrictive footwear.
  • Let wet or damp shoes dry completely before wearing them again.
  • Apply foot powder or baking soda on your feet and sprinkle it inside your footwear so moisture is absorbed.
  • Clean the insides of your shoes at least once a week.
  • Ask your doctor for help if you are sweating excessively with no apparent reason and with all other precautions taken.