Best Pole Climbing Boots at a Glance

If you are a lineman, you probably know how important it is to find the best pole climbing boots to wear at work? If you are new to this profession, it is a good idea to find out which features you need to look for when choosing the best boots for the lineman profession.
We have tested and reviewed a number of different variants for you, and have made our decision for the top choice for best boots to buy if you work as a lineman, to make your decision easier for you. We have prepared short reviews of our top picks.

Our Top Lineman Boot Reviews

La Sportiva Makalu#1 La Sportiva Makalu
Danner Quarry Logger usa#2 Danner Quarry Logger USA
Wesco Highliner 16-inch Boots#3 Wesco Highliner 16-inch Boots
Whites Boots 400VLTT#4 Whites Boots 400VLTT
HOFFMAN Dri-line#5 HOFFMAN BOOTS Composite Toe Dri-Line
HOFFMAN 10inch EH Powerline #6 HOFFMAN Composite Toe Powerline

La Sportiva Makalu – the Sportiva Boots for Linemen

These great Makalu boots make it into our top picks for pole climbing boots list because they incorporate all of the characteristics we have been looking for when searching for the best boots for lineman, including:

  • A water repellent and yet fully breathable leather upper
  • Durable, burly high quality leather upper
  • A full steel shank which allows for automatic crampon for excellent traction when climbing
  • The lining is moisture wicking and helps keep the feet comfortable, dry and cool at all times
  • Effortless and quick lacing with the steel roller ball lace eyelets
  • An air cushioned midsole with a flexible heel grid providing extra comfort
  • Light
  • Nice price for the quality and durability offered

These boots offer excellent traction, they are durable and waterproof. Yet they are breathable and have an excellent moisture wicking system to keep the feet comfortable and dry in all kinds of weather. They provide great cushioning and still are lightweight. They are definitely a great choice for pole climbers who need appropriate work boots. Keep in mind, that they tend to run a little small, so either try them out first, or if ordering – order ½ size bigger.

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Danner Lineman Boots – Quarry Logger USA 8 inch

Another top pick, these boots by Danner have all the necessary characteristics to make it into our list of great boots for climbing poles.  Here is what we liked the most:

  • The 8” durable full grain leather upper, which provides support and features the classic stitch down build by Danner
  • The 100% waterproof lineman boots
    and yet breathable GORE-TEX liner
  • The Vibram Logger outsole which has a lug design, serious edging capabilities and providing excellent traction
  • The comfortable footbed designed to fight fatigue and keep the feet well all day long
  • The comfortable midsole made from Polyurethane
  • Fast and easy lacing system
  • Require very little break-in time

Their high quality, the superior durability, excellent traction, the fact that they are absolutely waterproof and comfortable makes these logging boots a pair which every pole climber should keep in mind when shopping for safe and comfortable work boots.

Wesco Highliner 16″ Work Boot Black 9716100

We simply love these boots from Wesco. They are designed specifically for pole climbers, so of course they have all the characteristics we were looking for when shopping for a pair of tower climbing boots.
Here is what we like about them:

  • Very high quality and made in the USA
  • They are fully water resistant
  • Amazing support of the durable, 16” full grain leather upper
  • The Vibram lug sole
  • The fact that the leather is oil tanned for easy break in and further comfort
  • The steel shanks, metal heel breastplates and side plates for support and superb traction when climbing
  • Solid brass eyelets and studs for durable and easy lacing
  • Sweat resistant insoles from leather
  • The added comfort of the midsole

These US made lineman boots are just perfect for the job of providing safety, stability, comfort and durability. The price may be on the higher end, but the quality is absolutely impeccable

White’s Boots Men’s 400VLTT Smoke Jumper Lace To Toe Boot

Although they were originally designed and made especially to meet the requirements for protective footwear for forest and wild land firefighters, these sturdy shoes are also perfect for linemen too.  This is why we recommend them strongly:

  • High quality, made in the USA
  • They are fully water resistant, heat resistant and oil resistant
  • The oil tanned high quality, hand sewn leather upper
  • The Vibram lug outsoles provide excellent traction and are completely slip-resistant
  • They are extremely sturdy, and even better – they are rebuildable. This means you can wear them for decades and decades to come
  • The excellent support of the feet and arches

Overall, these firefighting boots are the perfect work boots for any lineman as well. Sturdy, durable, comfortable, water resistant, slip resistant and completely rebuildable, they are definitely worth every cent.

HOFFMAN BOOTS Men’s 10″ Composite Toe Dri-Line

These boots by Hoffman are also especially designed and made for pole climbing linemen, which is why they have all necessary characteristics for being a top suitable choice for people in this profession. Here are some of these features:

  • The upper is from durable leather
  • They feature the special Hoffman dual steel shank system for better traction and support while climbing poles
  • They have a water resistant liner
  • They are available in different widths
  • They have an extra midsole for further support
  • The sole is Vibram and fully rebuildable

These Hoffman boots will serve you faithfully and for a long time. You will be safe from slipping while climbing poles. Your feet will remain dry and cool at all times, and you will be provided with the support and comfort necessary for doing your job properly without worrying about any soreness, numbness or other uncomfortable condition of your feet.

HOFFMAN BOOTS Men’s 10″ EH Powerline

Another pair of work boots by Hoffman makes it into our top picks for the best lineman boots this year. This model is very suitable for linemen who have to climb poles or towers. Here is exactly what we like about them:

  • They are light and breathable due to the leather and cordura upper
  • They feature the Dual steel shanks for amazing climbing support by Hoffman
  • They have a water resistant liner
  • They are EH rated and have a plain toe which meets the 2892-11 EH standards

Overall, you will feel comfortable in these boots at all times. Their construction and the materials they are made of guarantee that your feet will stay dry at all times. They are comfortable and lightweight, yet they are high quality, durable work boots. The special Hoffman dual steel shanks will keep you safe while climbing up and down those poles.

Pull on lineman boots by HOFFMAN BOOTS

The Steel Toe Roper Lineman boots are yet another pair of perfect boots for people who work in the lineman business.

  • The leather and cordura upper ensures that they are light and breathable
  • They are fitted with Hoffman’s Dual steel shanks for incredible climbing support by Hoffman
  • They have a water resistant liner
  • They are slip ons – easy to slip on and off

If you prefer pull up work boots, then this pair is just right for you. It provides the safety, traction, durability and water resistance required for lineman shoes.

Red Wing Heritage Iron Ranger

The Heritage Iron Ranger boots are one of the most popular and recognizable work boots in the US. They are handcrafted, made in the US and have a number of features which make them suitable and preferred by people who work in difficult and dangerous conditions. Even though they are not constructed and made specifically for linemen since they do not have the steel elements needed for pole climbing, we picked them as one of the best lineman boots because:

  • They have high quality Nitrile Cork outsoles. The Vibram 430 mini lug soles are non-marking and oil resistant.
  • They are made of the highest quality, natural leather.
  • The bump toe construction provides sufficient, comfortable toe space.
  • They have a strong steel shank for added stability.
  • The 48 inch long Taslan laces ensure secure and easy lacing of the 6 inch lace up boot.
  • If cleaned and conditioned regularly and properly, they will endure for years.
  • They are fitted with comfortable leather inserts.
  • The stitch down Goodyear welt construction ensures that the boots stay whole and safe from damage even after excessive wearing.
  • They look classy and can be worn as casual wear as well.
  • The leather softens in time and becomes more comfortable, but the sizing of these boots runs about ½ size larger. They fit well, and as they customize their shape over time they will age well too.

Although they do not have all the necessary features for a perfect lineman work boot, the Iron Ranger boots are a classic pair of American-made boots. They will always stand out among the other boots worn for work or as casual wear due to their timeless design, and the superb quality of the materials used for their making. The durable and strong construction will allow you to wear them for years ahead. Given the proper care (cleaning, drying, conditioning), these work boots are going to age well and serve you well for years to come.

If though your job requires that you spend most of the time climbing and walking on slippery surfaces you may want to consider getting a pair of boots which is specifically designed for the risky lineman profession.

Meindl by Hoffman

Whichever particular model from the Meindl lineman work boots you choose – you will be making the perfect choice, when it comes to well-made, high quality, reliable, durable and safe work boots this is why it made it onto our list of the best lineman boots.

These German-made work boots are sturdy and have all the necessary safety and comfort feature to meet your needs.

You can choose from the various types of lineman work boots made by Hoffman depending on your specific needs and preferences. There are Meindl boots with plain or safety toes, as well as boots which are insulated or not, depending on the weather and working conditions you will be wearing them in. Also, you can choose the water resistant models if you happen to work in especially wet and rainy conditions.

Overall, these are one of the best lineman boots from Hoffman as they have the following features:

  • Superb foot and ankle support with a reliable lace-up construction.
  • Durable lugged soles for reliable traction when climbing and walking on slippery surfaces.
  • Specialized dual steel shanks for safe and easy climbing and support.
  • Water-resistant lining in the waterproof models.
  • Soft toes or steel toes which meet electrical hazard standards (and compression and impact resistant for the steel toes).
  • Proper insulation for the insulated models which allows for comfortable wearing even in the coldest weather.
  • Waterproof features in the models made for linemen working in wet conditions.
  • Non-insulated boots for those who work in hot weather.
  • All boots are made of the highest quality materials and based on design and technology which has been used and developed since 1926 by the renowned German shoe maker.

Overall, the linemen boots from Hoffman’s Meindl work boot line are an excellent choice for any lineman working in any climate and with specific safety and other requirements. They are on the higher end pricewise, but they are definitely reliable, safe, comfortable and durable, and are made to meet all the specific safety needs for the dangerous profession of linesmen.

It is advisable to choose safety, comfort and reliability first when investing in a new pair of work boots for your job, especially if you are in the risky and dangerous business of lineman work, logging or other work which poses hazards for your safety or even for your life. Entrust your wellbeing in the hands of the experienced work footwear maker Hoffman Boots – one of the leaders in the field worldwide.

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Timberland Boot Company Mens 6 Inch FL Lineman

These boots are designed and made in honor to the brave electrical linemen who first began doing this dangerous job in the 1900’s in the US. They are durable, tough and abrasion resistant. They are another top choice of many linemen in the country and around the globe because they have all necessary features needed for this line of work including:

  • They are made of the highest quality, US made leather for added durability, abrasion resistance and comfort. The leather is hand finished which gives these boots an amazing appearance of well-worn and well-cared for work boots. The synthetic used to complement the leather is also of high quality and provides extra comfort.
  • The handcrafted look is complemented by the special leather stacked midsole.
  • The rawhide laces can endure tugging of 90 lbs., so they will remain securely tied at all times.
  • The Vibram lugged outsoles provide reliable traction as well as sufficient flexibility. They have a unique design with different zones for ultimate traction and for minimizing weight.
  • The cushioned footbeds are made of contouring memory foam – Poron which provides a custom fit for each heel and foot shape, as well as excellent energy return for decreasing fatigue, soreness and the risk of injuries.
  • They have a strong, Goodyear welt construction with superb stitch precision which makes them look superb and ensures that they endure use for years.
  • They are excellent to wear as casual wear as well, and have a timeless, classic design which attracts attention.

These are simply the best lineman boots made by Timberland because they are beautiful, made of highest quality leather, with a durable Goodyear welt construction and some remarkable strong stitching. They are comfortable, have good traction and provide excellent support and cushioning.

They are designed and made based on the original lineman boots worn by the pioneers in the field in the early years of the 20th century. They do not have all the modern safety features of the specialized lineman boots, but are definitely reliable, classy and comfortable work boots which we strongly recommend for people looking for good quality work or everyday boots!

What characteristics to look for in a good lineman climbing boot

The most important characteristics for pole climbing boots are:

  • They must be water resistant, so that you can work in all weather conditions.
  • They need to have high quality outsoles with great traction and slip-resistance for safe and easy pole climbing
  • Durability – choose boots which are of higher quality and will last longer and are rebuildable
  • Comfort – remember, you will be wearing these boots, climbing and performing other risky and strenuous tasks for long hours wearing these boots, so comfort is crucial
  • Price – this depends on your budget, but try to think about making a bigger investment and getting something of a higher quality, which will not only keep you dry and safe, but will last you longer.
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