The elegant brown Carolina Leather Boots will offer comfort and protection for your feet for years to come


The dark brown Carolina women’s work leather boots are the perfect pair of boots for women who are into gardening, farming, and construction or any other outdoor or other work activity.

They offer serious protection for the feet, with their water resistant, oil resistant and electrical hazard resistant features.  Even though they are non-safety shoes, these Carolina leather boots surely classify as work boots.  At the same time, they have a feminine design, and can be worn as everyday shoes as well.

Great for the wet and cold seasons, these wonderful boots will keep the feet warm and dry all day long.  Not only that, but their design adds that extra protection for the feet and the ankles, so ladies will have their feet protected while walking and working at all times.


The tight grip they offer for the ankles adds to the outstanding comfort and protection of the feet and ankles, and at the same time they are still comfortable for walking, climbing stairs and engaging in other activities.

The tough brown leather and the soles of these Carolina boots make them resistant to abrasions and puncturing, so they are great even for industrial and construction sites.  For those women who prefer to pick up a pair of these boots simply for running errands or for everyday walking, they can be sure that they will last them for years ahead.

Once again, as with most other work and logger boots, it is recommended that you choose half a size smaller when ordering, because they are wider than normal boots and shoes. But even if they are a bit on the larger side, this extra free toe space allows for the ladies to wear a pair of heavy socks with the boots for some added warmth and comfort.


The feminine design of these Carolina work boots makes them an excellent accessory for everyday casual wear. In general, the Carolina brown leather work boots are an excellent choice both for work and as everyday casual shoes. They will offer warmth, protection and will last for years.