The Caterpillar Women’s Lander Boots are feminine and yet durable, and will keep your feet safe and warm even in the toughest conditions


The Caterpillar Lander Boot is an excellent choice for all the ladies who are sick of suffering from sore, wet and cold feet after spending time outdoors or in a cold or industrial environment.   The classic construction machinery producer has been offering the appropriate apparel for both men and women who use it. This pair of peanut colored leather women’s boots, with rubber soles and equipped with nylon mesh lining, are made especially for that.

The Lander boots from Caterpillar have a PVC midsole and are fitted with steel shanks for extra protection.  Even though their style is a more casual one, and they look quite sharp, these Lander boots for ladies do offer that extra safety and protection of the standard work boots.  The soles of these boots are slip-resistant, and the comfortable cushioned fit plus the extra padded ankle cuff will make any lady feel stable and safe even when walking on slippery and wet surfaces.


One tip for those who are thinking about purchasing a pair of these boots is to try on a pair in a store beforehand, or to keep in mind when they are ordering them, that choosing a slightly larger size is recommended, especially for the ladies with wider feet. Even if they are a bit loose, you can always add a pair of heavy socks for that extra warmth and protection.

The Lander Boots are especially suitable for those ladies who spend a lot of time on their feet either outdoors or inside.

The best part is, that even though they are safety, work boots, this particular model doesn’t look too rough and clunky, so they are an excellent buy for girls and women who want to ensure that their feet stay warm, dry and comfortable all day around.


Hence, if you are looking for a pair of nice looking and yet very comfortable shoes for your work, your gardening or any other outdoor activity, this model from Caterpillar could be the perfect one for you!