Chippewa Super Logger Boots are excellent both for work and for style.


Ever since its establishment in 1901, Chippewa Shoes has been producing high quality outdoor and work footwear.  Now, with the advent of the latest lumbersexual fashion style, more men choose to buy and wear rugged work shoes as a style statement.

The Chippewa Men’s 9-inch waterproof steel-toe Super Logger boots are just the pair of boots to have both for work and heavy duty jobs, as well as for their stylish looks.

With this new fashion tendency, the classic outdoor and work shoes, clothing and accessories are coming into style even as streetwear.  So, when is a better time to get a pair of stylish and yet functional and durable logger boots from a renowned producer such as Chippewa than now?


This particular model is made of high quality leather and is fitted with synthetic soles.  The Goodyear leather welt construction of these sturdy shoes, plus their Chip-A-Tex waterproof system and Ruby Dri Lex 2000 lining will ensure that your feet stay dry, cool, and comfy even in the harshest environmental and industrial conditions.

Plus, for those who are choosing to buy them for actual work, their ATSM electrical hazard safety feature is an extra plus, guaranteeing more safety while working in risky conditions.

These 9-inch Super Logger boots will ensure that the feet stay dry and stable on the ground, and will also attract the attention with their fancy design.

Because of the high quality materials and craftsmanship used to make each pair, the price of these Logger Boots is a bit on the expensive side, but in the end it is the comfort, durability and the design which truly matters.  They can be worn easily both in hot and in cold weather, guaranteeing that the feet stay dry and at a comfortable temperature level.  Whether they are worn in the snow, mud, oil, or as an everyday shoe on the streets, these steel cap Super Loggers will always feel comfortable and suitable for any situation.


The Chippewa footwear is a top preferred handcrafted and classic USA made brand. So, in the long run, consider paying a slightly higher price for some shoes which are literally all-purpose and will serve you for years and years to come!