The battle of the CLARKS: Bushachre 2 vs Desert Boot

So, you are facing a dilemma about whether to buy Clarks Bushacre shoes or get the Clarks Original Desert boots?  Well, you are not alone.  Given the similarity of the two models, many people are wondering.  There are some main factors and certain pros and cons regarding both models which you probably need to know before making your decision.

The main difference between these two classic boots for men is that the Bushacre has rubber soles as compared to the crepe outsoles of the Desert Originals.  The leather uppers of the two classic boots from Clarks are also somewhat different. Another difference between the two pairs of great boots is that the original dessert boots sport a more shiny and dark leather, and the Buschacre boots’ shoelace eyes are painted and those on the Original boots are not.

Buchare 2 Review:

Bushacre 2 details
The Clarks Bushacre desert boots are based on the Original dessert boots and so look almost the same.  This model though comes with a more durable rubber sole in comparison to the crepe sole of the classic dessert boots. These boots run about half a size bigger, so when ordering it is a good idea to order half a size down. If you waterproof them well (check our waterproofing guide for instructions), they can go through the rough winter and snow without a problem, and without your feet getting wet.

The Original Dessert boots are definitely the classic boots, but the Bushacre boots are less expensive and more durable, and they soften the feeling on the heels even when walking on gravel or other uneven surfaces, because of the rubber outsoles. Plus, the newer variation has some added softness provided by the liner fused to the leather inside of the boots.

The Bushacre boots are better in terms that their rubber sole is much more durable than the crepe sole of the Original Dessert boots and the v.2 have inner lining.


Original Desert Boot Review:

Clarks Originals Desert Boot
The original Clarks signature men’s Original Dessert boots feature a synthetic sole, a 1 inch heel, an EVA footbed for moisture control and comfort, a synthetic sole and a plantation crepe outsole for added comfort.  These shoes are designed based on the boots that the British army wore during World War II which too featured crepe soles.  These boots have become classics and have been worn for more than 50 years now. They are instantly recognizable and are suitable for just about any occasion and are perfect footwear for everyday casual attire. They look especially good when combined with blue denim.

Being made of natural leather, these boots do need some break-in time, but they will become indispensable once you get them to fit the shape of your foot. If you are planning on ordering these shoes online, keep in mind that they do run a bit larger than their size, so order one size down.

This classic pair is instantly recognizable, have stood the test of time and are great for an everyday casual look.The both fit well and feel good on the feet.



Whichever one of the two models you choose, you will not be making a mistake.  Both models of boots by Clarks are very masculine, rugged and cool, and will make you look and feel absolutely perfect in any everyday situation.