Working as an electrician poses a bigger risk of injuries and serious accidents on the job than most of the other professions, which means taking extra precautions in all aspects to minimize the risk of getting hurt while doing your job. Apart from the other safety precautions, such as removal of any metal jewelry and other conductive materials from your body and clothing, as well as the use of the proper instruments and protective gear, getting the best work boots for electricians is crucial and can save you from some serious injuries while on the job.

Although safety footwear is considered a secondary precaution according to the safety rules, it is still important to understand the differences between the different safety boots, the kind of protection from electricity they provide, as well as which type you should choose for your specific job and the work environment you work in.

It is obviously a serious matter, so considering making a bigger investment in getting the most appropriate, safe and comfortable work boots is definitely recommended. So, let us take a closer look at some of the features you need to look for when choosing the most suitable footwear for your job as an electrician.

Reviews of the best work boots for electricians

We have done some serious research, surveys and testing of a wide variety of safety footwear on the market, and have carefully hand-picked our top choices for the best work boots for electricians, which encompass all the characteristics we were looking for, including: comfort, reliable protection and durability.

The choice of the proper safety electrical footwear is a serious matter, and can become a decision which can save your from serious injuries and harm at the workplace, which is why we have put a lot of effort into testing, surveying users, and reviewing a wide variety of boots made for electricians.

We managed to shortlist our favorites after some strenuous research. So, here are some brief reviews of the work boots which we found to be most suitable for electricians and the specific features which we were impressed by the most:

Wolverine Hudson w02194#1 Wolverine Hudson w02194
Carhartt Men's Cmf6366#2 Carhartt Men’s Cmf6366
Thorogood Gen Flex 804-4445#3 Thorogood Gen Flex 804-4445
KEEN Utility Men's Milwaukee#4 KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee
Ariat Workhog Slip-On Boot#5 Ariat Workhog Slip-On Boot
Wolverine Tarmac Work Boot#6 Wolverine Tarmac Work Boot

Wolverine Men’s Hudson W02194 Work Boot

The EH rated Hudson work boots are an excellent choice for electricians and people who work in conditions where running into live electrical current is possible. First of all, they look great, and also, they are one of the most comfortable we have reviewed.

Here are some more features of these Wolverine work boots which we loved:

  • They are made of high quality materials which will likely ensure their longevity and durability. Rugged and yet stylish, these are a great investment.
  • The comfort provided by the high quality nubuck leather upper combined with an efficient and comfortable moisture wicking mesh lining, combined with a nice cushioned padded collar and tongue
  • The comfortable, removable full-cushioned insoles for a nice fit and added shock absorption, which will limit the fatigue and soreness from the impact with the hard ground on a daily basis
  • The strong, direct attached outsole which provides added durability to the construction, as well as great traction and shock absorption
  • The electrical hazard rated boots feature ANSI75 rated steel toe protective caps and ensures reliable protection from electrical currents on all kinds of dry surfaces, as the they are made entirely of non-conductive materials, and the steel toes are insulated safely by these materials
  • They feature a lightweight cement construction, and yet provide proper arch support and stability to the feet and body

Overall, the Hudsons look and feel like light weight hiking boots, but they come with the EH rating and steel toe protection which most electricians are looking for. They are made of high quality, durable materials, and have a strong construction which means that they will serve you for a longer time. The Hudson boots are comfortable, durable and provide the EH safety you need. They are lighter than many other work boots in this category, which means that the fatigue in your feet and legs at the end of a long work day will be reduced to minimum. Offered at an excellent price, these are definitely worth considering when picking the best work boots for electricians.

Carhartt Men’s Cmf6366 Composite Toe Boot

These composite safety toe boots from Carhartt immediately grabbed out attention with a number of features they have. We were impressed by their stylish look, as well as the variety of safety characteristics they have to keep you protected at all times. Here are some of the aspects we liked the most about these superb boots for electricians:

  • They have wide and comfortable composite toe boxes which are ASTM 2413-11 EH rated, which encompasses protection form electrical live current, conductive protection, static dissipative protection, metatarsal protection, impact resistance, and puncture resistance.
  • The strong full grain leather upper and strong lacing system allows for added comfort and safety and stability for the feet and ankles during the long day at work
  • Their durable rubber outsoles are slip, oil and chemical resistant, plus the outsoles have comfortable leather lock channels and gripping lugs
  • They have abrasion resistant heel bumpers for increased durability
  • They feature the patented Rugged Flex technology by Carhartt which allows for superb flexibility and will allow you to perform all kinds of movements and activities at your workplace without a discomfort or difficulty
  • The cement construction increases the sturdiness and is a guarantee for a longer life and endurance to wear and tear over time
  • The light, cushioned EVA midsole combined with the comfortable Ortholite insole and removable PU insole provides plush like cushioning and reliable shock absorption
  • The padded collar and tongue add to the comfortable fit

So, if you are looking for high quality EH rated work boots, which will also keep you protected from slipping, and will provide you with amazing cushioning, comfort, enhanced flexibility of the movements and yet sufficient support for the feet and ankles, they are probably the best choice for you. They are durable, have anti-abrasion protection and their construction and the materials used are of the highest quality which you can definitely rely on to serve you for longer and ensure that your feet are safe and comfortable at all times.

We can definitely recommend this pair as one of our favorites for the best work boots for electricians.

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Thorogood Men’s Composite Safety Toe Gen Flex

These EH rated safety work boots look absolutely amazing, and not only that – they are durable, comfortable and require little or no break-in time. The design and make of these work boots is superb, and all the features they have make them more than ideal for electricians. What we liked the most about the Thorogood boots is:

  • The composite safety toe which meets ASTM F2413-11 M I/75/C/75 safety standards and EH protection meeting CAN/CSA 18,000V standards
  • The durable, rugged oil tanned full grain leather uppers fitted with additional rubber side and toe bumpers which are abrasion resistant and sturdy
  • The enhanced cushioning, shock absorption and flex technology to keep your feet comfortable even in the harshest conditions and after long hours of work
  • The outsoles which are extremely durable, provide superb reliable traction and are flexible
  • The EVA insoles which are finely cushioned and removable
  • The shock absorbing EVA midsoles which are compression molded with Impact 300 gel
  • The added support from the special composite shank and the anti-roll bar heel support for ankle stability and safety, especially suitable if you work on uneven surfaces with possible obstacles which you can trip on
  • The durable and strong Goodyear welt construction

In conclusion, if you want durable, well built, high quality, comfortable work boots which are EH rated and will keep your feet and ankles protected, comfortable and fatigue free throughout the day, this pair is definitely worth considering. The combination of all the above mentioned features, plus the fact that they require no break in time means that you can purchase them and wear them to work straight out of the box without fear of blistering or discomfort. We recommend them highly if you are choosing the best on the market.

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KEEN Utility Men’s Milwaukee 6″ Steel Toe Work Boot

These soft toe EH safety boots from Keen are a perfect choice for electrical workers whose job doesn’t require wearing composite or plain toe footwear. They are durable, very well constructed from high quality materials, and offer sufficient EH protection, slip protection and durability to make it to our top list.

Here are some of the characteristics which won us over:

  • The heavy duty tough tec leather which is abrasion resistant and will endure for a long time
  • The strong Keen welt construction
  • The high quality, durable full grain leather upper
  • The Keen patented toe protection system which is provided by a wrapping of the toes by an extended wrap up outsole into asymmetrical toe caps
  • The fact that they meet and exceed the ASTM F2892 – 11 electrical hazard standards
  • The added comfort, cushioning and shock absorption provided by the removable double density EVA footbed with a special metatomical design for a perfect cradle-like fit
  • The added light TPU shank for stability
  • The 90 degree heel which is very suitable for safe and stable ladder climbing and locking
  • The non-marking rubber outsole with deep grooves for drainage, and which provides excellent traction, and is slip and oil resistant
  • The strong and secure lacing system with locking metal hooks
  • The comfortable, moisture wicking lining
  • Nice sufficient toe space which is great for electricians who spend a lot of time kneeling down
  • Waterproof

Great looking, sturdy, waterproof, with EH protection exceeding the standards, these boots from Keen are another suitable choice for electricians. They are comfortable, and the cradle-like shaped footbeds provide a perfect fit. They are light and yet sturdy. They are water resistant and heir unique outsoles are slip resistant, ladder friendly and curve up on top of the toe cap in order to provide protection to the toes via the patented Keen toe protection system. These Keens require virtually no break in, so you can wear them out of the box without fear for getting blisters and sore feet at work. In general, these soft toe boots are one of our top favorites from the best work boots for electricians list.

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Ariat Men’s Workhog Pull-On Boot

These are the only pair of pull on boots in our list of top footwear for electricians. The Workhogs are of excellent quality, look really fancy and provide all the comfort and EH protection which we were looking for in this case.

Here are some more details about this great pair which you may want to learn more about:

  • The uppers are from high quality, waterproof full grain leather which is lined with comfortable synthetic lining
  • The fact that they are pull on makes them easier to slip on and off, without the need of lacing on and off every time
  • A very sturdy Duratread slip and oil resistant outsole which is non marking and self-cleaning
  • A composite forked shank as part of the Advantage Torque stability technology
  • A western cowboy boot roper toe profile and an EH safety toe which meets the ASTM F2413-11 M/I/75 C/75 electrical hazard Standards
  • They look great, and do not look like the standard work boots, so you will definitely add a unique feature to your work clothes and overall appearance, but without compromising with the safety of your feet and of yourself

Although they do need some break-in time, these unique EH safety cowboy boots will definitely make you stand out among your colleagues who prefer traditional work boots. They are very well insulated and waterproof which makes them perfect if you work in cold or wet conditions. They are easy to pull on and off, provide excellent foot and ankle support, and are slip resistant for added safety. They meet the EH standard requirements, and will last for years if properly maintained and cleaned.

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Wolverine Men’s Tarmac Work Boot

Our other favorites from Wolverine, the Tarmac work boots are another highly recommended choice for electricians footwear. They are sturdy, have an EH rated safety toe, comfortable waterproof and yet breathable. Here is a short list of the features we were impressed by in this particular pair:

  • the high quality leather waterproof uppers
  • the strong cement construction of the sole for added strength and durability
  • the breathable and moisture wicking mesh lining to keep your feet nice and dry even after hours of work
  • the comfortable and fully cushioned removable insoles for a better fit and shock absorption
  • The carbonmax, nonmetallic safety toe which is ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 Electrical Hazard rated and which helps make them one of the most lightweight of our picks
  • The useful reflective midsole wrap for added safety in dark conditions
  • The slip resistant and durable rubber outsole
  • The added nylon shank for more stability
  • The fact that no break in is necessary

We must say that we were impressed by the high quality, the light weight and the pure comfort provided by these Wolverine boots. Their carbonmax toe cap provides rated EH and toe protection and helps keep the boots as light and comfortable as possible. They are waterproof but have nice moisture wicking lining to keep your feet dry and comfortable for hours. They are slip resistant, have superb cushioning, an added reflective wrap and a wolverine patented cement construction which will ensure that you wear them for a longer period of time, if of course you take proper regular care to clean and condition them.

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Characteristics to look for in the best work boots for electricians

Here are some of the main characteristics to look for when choosing the most suitable pair for you:

  1. Comfort

First and foremost, you should always look for work boots which best fit your foot size and form. Choose those which fit comfortably, offer sufficient cushioning and shock absorption, and have enough toe space to keep your feet comfortable even after long hours of work in harsh conditions and hard surfaces. Always try on new boots when your feet are tired and the most swollen. Usually this occurs after a long day of work or standing on your feet. Try them on with the same type of socks you intend to be wearing on the job. Also, consider the materials of the boots before purchasing them. Some of the heavy duty pairs will require serious break in time, which is something you will want to keep in mind too. The lightweight boots will help reduce the fatigue in your feet, but make sure that they provide the sufficient protection and stability for your feet, ankles and for your overall wellbeing and health. You want boots which will keep you comfortable and away from soreness, pain and fatigue at the end of your work shift.

So, when you try on different models, make sure that your roes have enough space, that the cushioning of the midsoles, footbed and insoles offer a nice and comfortable fit, and also that the lacing system is secure and strong.

If you are ordering the work boots online, always make sure you check or ask about the sizing and how true the boots are to normal sizing. Also, make sure you check about whether they will need break in time, and how long it will take to make them comfortable for work.

Of course choose the proper footwear in accordance to the requirements of your employers, your work regulations, as well as the specific work conditions you work in.

  1. Durability

When you make an investment in new work boots for electricians, consider spending a tad more than you have planned, if necessary so that you make sure that you buy a pair which is more durable, and which you will be able to wear for a longer period of time. Choosing work boots made of high quality materials, by a reputable manufacturer and which have a strong and high quality design and make will pay off in the long run. The better the quality of your work boots, the longer they will be able to serve you well, if proper cleaning and maintenance is applied. Boots with a Goodyear or another strong welt construction will withstand more wear and tear. Also, strong and durable outsoles and some added abrasion resistant bumpers will also help your boots survive and serve you well for longer.

You should look closely at the recommendations by the manufacturer for the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures and the products to use in order to prolong their life too.

  1. Sufficient protection

Naturally, as an electrician, one of the most important features in the proper work boots is reliable electrical hazard protection as well as toe safety. Always look for boots which are electrical hazard rated and tested, as well as provide sufficient and ASTM safety toe protection. Boots with a good and trusted EH rating should keep your feet and you yourself from getting electrocuted or suffering serious burns, injuries and even cardiac arrest as a result of stepping on or contacting live wires and electricity on your job.

In addition, depending on the work conditions you work in, you may want to look for  rubber outsoles providing excellent traction. Many of the EH work boots are slip and oil resistant, and some of them have special outsoles made for stable ladder climbing and locking.

Also, if you work in cold or wet conditions, you may want to consider getting waterproof and insulated work boots. Remember that they should provide some breathability or moisture wicking in order to keep your feet dry from the inside as well.


  1. What is the difference between EH rated boots and ESD boots?

The difference between work boots which are EH and ESD rated is significant, so make sure you are familiar with the requirements for proper safety work footwear for your job, and take into consideration the specific risks at your workplace when choosing the type of protection your electrician work boots need to be rated for.

  • Electrical Hazard (EH) rated work boots are made and tested for proper protection of the person in case you come in direct contact with a live electric current. EH rated models are a must for electricians, as they are in daily contact with electricity, and are at a high risk of suffering from serious burns, injuries and even fatality as a result of getting in contact with live electrical currents.
  • The Electro Static Dissipative (ESD) rated boots are designed and made to reduce the damaging buildup of static electricity, which can cause serious damage to the workers and to the machinery and equipment they are working with. ESD boots are usually combined with specialized ESD floors, which too contribute to the reduction of static build up. Static electricity can cause damage to electronic equipment and components and can cause ignition of flammable materials, which is why getting the appropriate ESD work boots is crucial if your workplace has such risks.
  1. Is wearing steel toe boots hazardous?

If the steel toe boots are EH rated and meet the ASTM safety toe standards, then they shouldn’t pose a risk for electricians. Electrical Hazard rated boots can have a steel, aluminum or composite safety toe. As long as they pass the safety tests, they are safe to use.
The rated ASTM safety toes are designed and made to provide protection without contacting the floor directly.

Still, employers as well as electricians need to understand that wearing EH safety work boots is a secondary form of protection. The more important precautions need to be taken by the employers including all the necessary safety instructions and measures in case the workers are at risk of running into open electrical circuits.

For example, removing any kind of jewelry, watches and conductive materials on your clothing in such an environment is absolutely obligatory to decrease the risk of injuries and more serious incidents cause by electrical currents.

As long as they are ASTM tested and EH rated, you shouldn’t be worried about an increased risk for electrocution if the safety toe caps are made of metal.

OSHA too agrees that wearing boots with metal toe cap protection is not considered hazardous for electricians, but only as long as the conductive material is not in direct contact with the foot, or exposed outside of the shoe.

Warning: If the safety toe cap gets worn, and there is a danger of the metal to get exposed outside of the materials which encapsulate it and keep it from direct contact with your foot or outside of the shoe, you must replace the EH safety footwear immediately.

Composite safety toes are not conductive, so you may consider getting safety EH boots with a composite safety cap, just to stay on the safe side.

  1. When to use non-conductive, antistatic and conductive footwear?

You should choose the proper type of safety EH rated boots, depending on the specific trade you are in and the specific work conditions and possible risks you face at your job.
The three main type of protective footwear for electricians are all designed and made to provide protection from specific electric-related risks. Understanding the difference between them is crucial for ones safety.

  • Non-conductive boots. These are often EH rated, which ensure that your feet and you are protected from possible electrical shock when running into live electrical currents on your job. Often EH non-conductive boots feature safety toes, which can be either composite or metal. Metal safety toes are not conductive or dangerous as long as they are enclosed in non-conductive materials, such as rubber, leather or insulation on the toe cap, upper and outsole of the boots.
  • Anti-static work boots. These are made for people who work in an environment where there is a high risk of the buildup of static electricity in the body, which can cause harm to both the worker and the electrical equipment and machines they are working with. They are ESD or SD rated and are usually combined with specialized ESD flooring which also reduces the risk of the accumulation of static energy.
  • Conductive safety boots. These are suitable for workers who handle volatile or explosive materials, and who are at risk of getting static electricity in the body and igniting these materials. Conductive footwear is made of materials which have no electrical resistance. This type is often called “static dissipating” as they it actually dissipates the accumulated static electricity form the body to the ground and thus reduce the risk of dangerous electrical sparks which can cause an ignition fire and other damage and harm. These boots provide no EH protection from coming into contact with live electricity tough, so make sure you consider which type of safety footwear you need for your specific job carefully.