Take a closer look at these amazing Dr. Martens Ironbridge Boots, ladies!


Dr. Martens boots have become somewhat of an iconic shoe throughout the years.

Known best for its revolutionary AirWair range with air cushioned soles and the classic design, today Dr. Martens is still one of the best known shoe brands in the world.

So, if you have ever owned or simply been a fan of any of the classic Doc Martens AirWair boots or shoes, you should surely check out the Dr. Martens Ironbridge Safety Toe Boots.

This tough pair of boots by Dr. Martens is perfect both for work, as well as for everyday casual use.  The industrial grizzly look of these amazing boots which are among the best should not scare you ladies away though, because they are actually quite comfortable and easy to walk in.


The Ironbridge safety boots like all other Dr. Martens shoes and boots have a unique manmade air-cushioned sole, which is oil, alkaline and petrol resistant, and will prevent you from slipping on oily or other slippery surfaces.  Naturally, these sturdy boots are water resistant as well, so they can be worn throughout the year – in hot and in cold and wet weather conditions.

The built-in safety steel toe cap will add that extra protection for the foot during work or even when walking.  The are made in a met-guard version and are durable and protective enough to be one of ours top boots for welding. These boots are fitted with a removable Smartmask insole, as well as padded ankle cuffs which will add even more comfort for the feet.

For the ladies with high arched feet, the removable insole can be replaced with an insole with better arch support.

The boots have heavy duty metal eyelets for the industrial strength cord lacing which they feature, adding additional stability and protection for the feet and ankles.

The Ironbridge work boots by Dr. Martens also have a cosmo moisture wicking lining, which will keep away the moisture from the feet, and will ensure that your feet stay warm and dry throughout the day.


The stitch-welted construction of the soles of these boots will ensure that they will endure for years to come. In other words, if you are looking for durable, safety, comfortable and yet fashionable work boots, these Dr. Martens safety toe boots could be the perfect pair to suit your needs!