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Best Carpenter Boots for Protection and Comfort

Best carpenter boots at a glance
If you work as a carpenter, or practice carpentry work at home, you probably know how important having comfortable and durable work boots which offer reliable toe protection is. You are building useful things and […]

And the Top Golden Fox Boots are..

Where are Golden Fox Boots made and a quick overview
The iconic boots originate from Ontario, Canada. They have been hand stitched and made ever since 1970 by skilled footwear experts. They make work boots for nearly any profession. A combination […]

Best Lineman Boots for Pole and Tower Climbing

Best Pole Climbing Boots at a Glance
If you are a lineman, you probably know how important it is to find the best pole climbing boots to wear at work? If you are new to this profession, it is a good […]

The Very Best Pull On Work Boots (Slip On Work Boots) 2018

Pull on work boots are perfect for keeping the toes safe from traumas caused by dropped instruments, machines, materials and other hazards on the workplace or elsewhere. The slip on work boots are made for easy pulling on and off […]

Best Composite Toe Work Boots – Our Top Picks and Reviews

Short overview of the best composite toe work boots
Composite toe work boots are the newer alternative to the traditional metal cap safety boots which have been made and worn for decades. The composite toe boots are lighter than the metal […]

Best Insoles for Work Boots Suitable For Both Standing and Walking

Finding the most suitable work boots which fit your needs and fit your feet perfectly is a difficult task, but even if you find a pair which is great, you will definitely benefit quite a lot from getting insoles for […]

Best Construction Work Boots – Our Top Picks and Reviews

Short overview of the best construction work boots
Construction work is very dangerous job, with a high number of fatalities happening each year. One of the top 4 fatalities is being struck by an object. It is important to increase the […]

Uncovering the Best Boot Dryer on The Market (2018)

Why is a Boot Dryer Necessary?
In short – to kick out the smell, fungus and bacteria from your footwear. Although it may seem like a bit of a stretch for some, owning the best boot dryer can help you:

Keep […]

Clarks Bushacre vs Desert Boot Compared – What’s the Difference?

The battle of the CLARKS: Bushachre 2 vs Desert Boot
So, you are facing a dilemma about whether to buy Clarks Bushacre shoes or get the Clarks Original Desert boots?  Well, you are not alone.  Given the similarity of the two […]

Best Waterproof Work Boots to Keep your Feet Dry When it Pours

Best waterproof boot for men and women in 2018 at a glance
If you work or spend lots of time in a rainy or wet environment, then you already know that the ordinary work boot without waterproof features is not the […]