Best work boots for plumbers at a glance

Plumbers are constantly forced to work in wet, slippery and in many cases in dirty construction and reconstruction sites and with heavy instruments and materials, so having the right boots is crucial for their safety, performance and comfort.

Steel capped boots are often preferred because they will save your toes from falling objects. However, it won’t matter how protected you are if you don’t feel comfortable while doing your job. If the boots are bugging you, you are likely to remove them or your feet will be tired and sore at the end of your shift. On job hazards can be avoided by having non-slip soles as well. Plumbing job involves a lot of water and slippery surfaces, this is why additional safety precautions are a must.

With that in mind we hand-picked several of our top favorites for work boots for plumbers for you. Here they are:

Wolverine Durashock W02053#1 Wolverine Durashock W02053
SR Max Duluth 6 Inch #2 SR Max Duluth 6 Inch
Georgia G6274 Giant Oblique#3 Georgia G6376 Giant Oblique
Timberland 6#4 Timberland 6″ ST Boot
Redback Bobcat#5 Caterpillar Revolver Pull-On
KEEN Utility ST Detroit#6 KEEN Utility ST Detroit

Top plumber boots reviews

Wolverine Men’s W02053 Durashock Boot

Wolverine Men's W02053 Durashock #1 as the best work boots for plumbersThese sturdy, slip resistant Durashock boots by Wolverine are very suitable for pipe fitters, because they encompass all the characteristics which such work boots must have. The features we liked the most are:

  • The reliable slip-resistant dual density PU outsole with special rubber lugs and chiseled edges, which also provides excellent shock resistance
  • The perfect cushioning and arch support provided by the removable double density footbed
  • The durable and still very light PU midsole
  • The tough and durable nubuck leather and rugged pigskin combined upper
  • The ASTM F1413-11 rated steel toe cap
  • The direct attached construction which makes the shoe very durable and also waterproof
  • They are also ASTM F2412-11 electrical hazard resistant which is why these boots are perfect for electricians, too

Our conclusion is, that these boots are one of the best work boots for plumbers, because they are slip resistant, offer excellent traction, provide the ultimate comfort, energy return and shock absorption. They are rugged and durable, the construction is waterproof, and they are EH and safety steel toe rated.

SR Max Duluth Men’s Slip Resistant Waterproof Black 6 Inch Work Boot

SR Max by Duluth are one of the best work boots for plumbersThese boots look as though they have been specifically designed for pipe fitters, because they really have all the characteristics which we were looking for when picking the best shoes for plumbers, including:

  • They are fully water repellent and with a waterproof construction, so your feet will be dry at all times
  • The durable full grain oil tanned uppers
  • The support and cushioning from the removable polyurethane cup insole
  • The water resistant direct attached lightweight PU midsole
  • The Sub-Zero outsole provides maximum slip resistance
  • The lining is moisture wicking to help the feet stay dry even after hours of hard work

These shoes are very suitable for pipe fitters, because they offer amazing slip-resistance, they are water repellent and waterproof, they are made of high quality materials and are with a very durable construction. Even though their outsoles offer superb traction, they still do not tend to collect too much debris or mud. These boots are lightweight, comfortable and will keep the feet rested even after hours of work. Possibly the only minus is that they do not have steel or composite toe caps.

Georgia Men’s Giant Oblique Work Boot Steel Toe G6274

Georgia's Giant Oblique is another excellent choice for plumbers work bootsApart from the fact that these Giant Oblique boots look so masculine and nice, they also have all the features of suitable shoes for plumbers, and they are:

  • The safety steel toe cap and electric hazard resistance meet the highest standards
  • The durable Goodyear welt construction which adds strength and allows the rebuilding of the outsole
  • The high quality and sturdy full grain leather upper
  • The steel shank for better arch support and steady footing
  • Excellent cushioning and support from the EVA midsole
  • The added cushioning of the covered insole
  • The gusset which is padded for added comfort and support
  • The abrasion and oil resistant bumper guard

In conclusion, we must say that these boots became one of our favorites, because of their high quality, sturdiness, safety toe and EH protection, the cloud soft cushioning, shock resistance and the added support to the arches, feet and legs.

Timberland PRO Men’s Pitboss Steel-Toe Boot

If you work as a plumber, the PRO Pit Boss boots are an outstanding choice to keep your toes safe, your feet comfortable and you yourself safe from slipping and hurting yourself on the job. These are the things we loved about these Timberlands:

  • These steel toe work boots provide excellent toe protection against falling objects and have a roomy toe box
  • The special PU midsole which has the shock absorbing Timberland Pro suspension system, and helps reduce the fatigue, absorb the shock and help energy return
  • The slip resistant, and oil and abrasion resistant outsole
  • The added comfort and support from the padded collar
  • The efficient and antibacterial, moisture wicking and odor control features of the removable sock lining
  • The high quality, durable nubuck leather for the upper and the Goodyear welt construction, which together are guarantees for superior durability

Although these boots are not waterproof, they are still a great choice for people in the pipe fitting business. They are sturdy, provide excellent comfort and arch and foot support, they are slip resistant and have a strong steel toe cap for protection. They are also rated for electrical hazard protection.

Caterpillar Men’s Revolver Pull-On Steel-Toe Boot

Revolver plumbers safety boots by CaterpillarGetting into people’s homes you’ll often have to remove your boots. That is why these Caterpillar Men’s Revolver boots are also highly recommended for people in the plumbing business. You’ll be able to quickly remove them without having to doing and undoing laces. Here is why we singled out this particular pair of boots as one of our top picks:

  • the pull on design which allow for a comfortable fit, and easy slip on and off
  • The  high quality construction of the upper which adds extra durability
  • The ultra-light air cushioned midsole made of Urethane, which provides superb comfort and arch support, reduces foot fatigue because it helps absorb the shock and improves the energy return.
  • The outsole is slip resistant, as well as abrasion, lubricant and fuel resistant as well. It is from a durable modern molded material.
  • The heel is reinforced by 3 layers for added support to the feet and legs

These boots are great because they provide the ultimate comfort, ankle, arch and foot support as well as stability. They are also slip-resistant, lightweight and are made from very durable materials, with a strong construction, which means that if you choose them as your work boots, they will last longer than the typical boots.

KEEN Utility Men’s Detroit Mid Steel Toe

These sturdy boots by Keen are versatile and lightweight, but yet they provide excellent protection for the toes and foot stability. We picked them as another one of our top favorite plumbing work boots, because:

  • They are waterproof
  • They are also electrical hazard, slip and oil resistant, medium duty boots
  • They have asymmetrical safety steel toe caps
  • The upper is made of durable, high quality, waterproof leather
  • The outsoles are rubber, slip resistant and non-marking
  • The double layered compression molded EVA midsole provides excellent cushioning, support and comfort
  • The special KEEN breathable, waterproof membrane which keeps the feet dry at all times
  • The moisture wicking lining with a special 2-zone comfort technology

Durable, sturdy, comfortable, stable, slip-resistant and with toe and EH protection, these boots by KEEN are a perfect choice if you are shopping for the best work boots for plumbers and pipe fitters.

Irish Setter Men’s 83605


If you are a plumber, you will be making the right choice if you choose to buy and wear the iconic Irish setter boots at your job. They look smart and at the same time will provide if the comfort and safety which you need while handling various plumbing tasks on a daily basis. Here are the features to look for in this superb pair of boots:

  • The uppers are made of the highest quality Trout Brook tanned leather, produced and processed by Red Wing’s own S.B.Foot Tanning Company especially for its Irish setter line. The leather is full grain, durable and if treated and conditioned properly will keep your feet dry at all times.
  • They have a comfortable, removable PU footbed which you can easily remove, wash or replace with your own inserts or orthotics for further comfort or for addressing foot and leg pain issues.
  • The traditional 6 inch lace up design will fit your foot comfortable and will keep it stable and safe from injury.
  • The soft toes of these boots are tested and meet ASTM electrical hazard safety standards.
  • The superb and sturdy EVA outsole provides reliable traction to keep you safe and standing even when working in wet and slippery conditions. The outsoles are also designed and made in a way to provide ultimate heat resistance. The HRO soles are strongly resistant to melting and will remain intact in high temperatures of up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The padded collars will help keep your feet comfortable and stable.
  • The durable Goodyear welt construction will ensure that the boots serve you for a long time.
  • You can use these boots for your plumbing job, for hunting or for any kind of outdoor activity and during your leisure time.

The Irish setter boots are a classic pair of boots suitable for avid hunters, craftsmen as well as for people who are in the plumbing business. Comfortable, EH and heat resistant, they are an excellent option if you work in very hot conditions or in places where there is danger of running into live electrical currents.

Wolverine Men’s Raider Boot

These Raider boots are a popular choice for plumbers who want to wear one of the most comfortable, durable and safe boots at their jobs. They are very suitable for people of this profession or others who work in wet conditions. Here are some of the main characteristics of our newest addition to the list of the best work boots for plumbers:

  • The strong lugged rubber sole is slip as well as abrasion resistant which will provide you with an excellent grip and reliable traction on wet cement or other slippery surfaces.
  • The sturdy ContourWelt and Multishox construction will allow you to kneel down and bend without discomfort in the foot and ankle area. It contributes for the fact that these boots are amazingly comfortable, energetic and properly cushioned.
  • Their comfort systems including the compression pads in the heel and the extra shock absorption features will allow you to feel comfortable and keep your feet safe from soreness and fatigue even after long hours of standing, bending or kneeling.
  • They are sold with a 30 day comfort guarantee provided by Wolverine, so if you are still not certain that these boots are the right ones for you – you can give them a try for a month first.

Another classic pair of boots, with undeniable quality, superb comfort and reliability as well as with the slip-resistant and other safety features which plumbers need in order to be efficient and feel protected at their jobs.

What are the characteristics of the good plumber boots

What do plumbers wear to protect their feet and avoid getting injured in the slippery conditions of their job? When choosing the most appropriate work boots for a person in the plumbing business, there are several crucial characteristics to look for:

  1. As with any other shoe, comfort comes first. If the shoe is not comfortable, then nothing else matters. When you are comfortable, you can do your job properly rather than have a miserable and painful day.
  2. Slip-resistance. Safety is very important. Plumbers are prone to slipping because they work in slippery conditions most of the time. This is why, picking slip-resistant plumbers safety boots is crucial to avoid getting badly injured at the site.
  3. Safety toe cap. Do plumbers need steel toe boots or plain toe boots offer enough protection? Once again, safety is crucial, so if you handle a lot of heavier instruments and work with big materials and products, it is highly recommended that you get shoes with ASTM rated steel safety toe protection.
  4. Longer lasting. Of course, everybody wants to be able to wear their shoes for a longer time, especially if they are expensive, so make sure you look for higher-quality products when thinking about investing in good, comfortable and safe plumbing work boots.
  5. The price. Of course, price too is important. When planning your budget for your safety boots, keep in mind that you will be wearing them nearly every day for hours, so consider spending a little more than intended, but getting something way more comfortable, durable and safe.

Bonus tip: Pun on a pair of booties! As suggested by many plumbing experts, putting booties on top of the best work boots for plumbers is a great idea. First, plumbers often times miss what they step on. Second, people don’t want additional dirt to enter their homes and third – with safety in mind, you don’t really want to remove your footwear when entering client’s homes.