Overview of the Best EMS boots

If you work in the emergency medical service, then you know how important having comfortable, durable, dependable and professionally looking boots while you are on the job of saving human lives. Above all they must be easy to put on and pull off.

After a long and grueling shift, the last things you need to deal with are issues your footwear or sore, blistered feet. Being constantly on your feet, climbing stairs, rushing to emergencies, helping ease the pain and suffering of the injured is hard enough. This is why good quality boots are of utmost importance for the dedicated first responders, EMS workers and paramedics so they can do their job well.

We handpicked several pairs of shoes, which we consider the best EMS boots available at the moment. We’ve picked up models that either have a size zip or are slip on so you can quickly and easily put them on or off.

Tactical Sport Side Zip by Bates#1 Tactical Sport Side Zip by Bates
A.T.A.C. by 5.11#2 A.T.A.C. by 5.11
Danner Acadia WOMEN#3 Danner Acadia WOMEN
Response III by Magnum#4 Response III by Magnum
Rocky 911-113 1st Med#5 Rocky 911-113 1st Med
WORX by Red Wing#6 Drillbit by Wolverine

Our in-depth EMS boots reviews

Bates EMS boots – Men’s Ultra Lites Side Zip Boot

Bates EMS duty bootsThese tough boots are an excellent pick for those of you who work in the emergency services. We chose them because of these features:

  • The durable, ultra-light, oil and slip resistant rubber outsole which will keep you safe from slipping in any emergency situation
  • The comfortable cushioned removable EVA footbed with shock absorbing qualities
  • The fact that these shoes are very sturdy, and yet they are ultra-lightweight, so your legs and you will not get tired during the long EMS shifts
  • The comfortable padded collar and easy to open and close Velcro straps and side zipper for quick slip on and off
  • They look sharp and professional

Light and yet sturdy, these boots look professional and are cushioned and comfortable to wear on long shifts and for a lot of movement and walking. They are slip resistant, they offer great shock absorption, so your feet will not be as fatigued even after a long EMS shift.

5.11 Men’s A.T.A.C. 6″ Side Zip Tactical Boot

These tactical boots are also a top choice for paramedics or other emergency medical service personnel. We picked this pair because of these characteristics:

  • They look professional and good
  • Their outsole is oil and slip resistant, and quiet
  • The upper is made of polishable full grain leather combined with textile – it is sturdy but breathable
  • The lining is breathable and moisture wicking
  • Great durability and superior performance like all ATAC tactical boots
  • Quick side zipper
  • The patented shock mitigation system for energy return and shock absorption
  • The only downside is they don’t have a steel toe to protect the toes

In conclusion, we must say that these are a pair of great boots to have if you are in the EMS. They are light, sturdy, very comfortable, and safe against slipping. They are quiet, easy to pull on and off and are breathable.

Danner WOMEN’s Acadia 8″ Boot

A great pair of boots from Danner which we picked for our top best EMS work boot list because they are good EMT shoes for women we were able to find. Just few of the things we like:

  • The well-known stitch down Goodyear welt construction, typical for Danner, which allows for them to be rebuilt and reconditioned
  • Durable Vibram outsole which is slip resistant in dry and wet conditions
  • The GORE-TEX, breathable and waterproof lining
  • The full grain leather and strong Denier Nylon upper
  • The fiberglass shank
  • They look professional and can be polished

The Arcadia boots combine durability, comfort, support as well as slip resistance and a professional vision. These features make them a great choice for paramedics.

Magnum Men’s Response III 8.0 Slip Resistant Emt boots with zipper

These work boots are another top pick for people who work in emergency medical services. Here is what we liked about them:

  • The removable light, comfortable, cushioned EVA midsole
  • The excellent traction of the durable outsole, which is oil and slip resistant
  • The tunnel loop system for quick lacing, combined with a side zipper for quick slip on and off
  • The presentable and breathable leather and nylon upper and comfortable padded collar
  • The supportive fiberglass shank
  • The fact that the shoes are sturdy but lightweight

Light, slip-resistant, cushioned and comfortable, these boots are great for people who spend a lot of time moving and running around, people who need to react quickly to any kind of situation and still look professional and presentable. This is why, if you are in the EMS, you should consider getting a pair of these.

Rocky Men’s 8 Inch 1st Med 911-113 Puncture Resistant Work Boot

The Rocky first med boots are an excellent choice for any EMS worker as they have everything you can ask for to feel good after being up on your feet all day responding to emergencies. These boots captured our attention with the following features:

  • The puncture resistant and slip resistant outsole
  • The full grain leather upper with the added reflective elements for safety reasons
  • The fact that the boots are waterproof
  • The composite safety toe cap, which EH and safety certified
  • The non-metallic zipper for easy slip on and off
  • They look quite cool

If you are a paramedic and are looking for durable, reliable and safe shoes for work, these boots from Rocky are yet another perfect choice. Slip and puncture resistant, they are electrical hazard safe and have a safety toe cap, so your feet will be protected even in the worst conditions.

Wolverine Men’s Drillbit

These pull on boots from Red Wing are another example for excellent boots for people in the emergency medical services. Here is why we picked them:

  • The direct attached, strong Goodyear welt construction
  • The oil, chemical, gas and slip resistant endurance, non-marking, cross wire outsole
  • The removable cushioned and shock absorbing footbed
  • The sturdy Cordura leather upper
  • The safety toe and stability shank
  • The waterproof construction and materials

These boots are perfect for paramedics who prefer pull on boots rather than laces or zippers. They are comfortable, durable, provide excellent safety and can be worn all day at the job without the feet getting wet or fatigued.

Thorogood 8” EMS Gen-flex Boots


Any Emergency service employee or other uniformed professional will strongly appreciate this excellent pair of Thorogood boots.  Not only do they look smart and professional, but they also encompass all the features to look for when shopping for the best paramedic work boots, namely:

  • The high quality oil tanned leather uppers are tough and will keep the feet and ankles comfortable and stable even in the toughest emergency conditions.
  • They are built with the strongest Goodyear storm welt construction which means that you can wear them for years, given proper care is taken to keep them clean and conditioned.
  • The polished toe cap is of the highest shine and will keep you looking smart and professional even in critical times.
  • Your feet will stay dry and odor free thanks to the efficient and comfortable mesh lining which allows for superb breathability and efficient moisture wicking.
  • The PU footbed features added EVA cushioning and flexibility for comfort, cushioning, and support. The footbed is removable so you can dry it, wash it or replace it with other inserts or orthotics.
  • The comfortable EVA midsoles have 300g gel inserts at the heel for added cushioning, support and shock absorption to reduce the fatigue and soreness even after the longest and exhausting shifts.
  • There is a strong composite shank to add stability and keep your heels and feet safely in place in emergencies.
  • The side zip will keep the feet comfortable and snug, and also allows you to easily and quickly slip the boots on and off when necessary. The added Velcro band adds to the comfort and stability.
  • The durable and non-marking GEN-FLEX double density lugged rubber outsoles are slip resistant, so you can be safe even when you need to work or run in slippery conditions.

Given all of these amazing features, we can safely conclude that these Thorogood boots are one of the top choices when it comes to picking the best EMS boots.

Characteristics to look for in a pair of EMS work boots

When looking for the best boots for paramedics, you should take into consideration the following important characteristics:

  • Always pick the boots which you find most comfortable. You should try your work boots on before you order them or buy them. Make sure they fit you well from the beginning because you will be spending a lot of hours wearing them. If the factory insole of your current shoes is bothering you, invest in good insoles for your work boots. Your feet would thank you
  • It is always better to choose a reputable shoe maker and higher quality shoes, so that you can wear them for a longer time. Getting your footwear from one of the best brand of ems boots is very important!
  • Slip and oil resistance. In some cases in emergency situations you may work on slippery surfaces, so getting slip resistant boots is crucial for the lives of the patients as well as for yours.
  • Professional looking. You probably do need to look presentable at your job, so go with the more professional looking boots.
  • Easy to put on quickly. In cases of emergency, it will be easier to put on a pull on boot or one with a side zipper instead of laces.
  • Safety features. Having a safety toe cap, being electrical hazard rated, and other safety features are always something to consider especially if you are a paramedic and often need to work in emergency and dangerous conditions.
  • To keep your feet comfortable even after spending hours in the rain, pick boots which are waterproof.
  • To keep your feet dry and cool all day long, try to buy boots which are breathable and have moisture wicking lining.
  • Shock absorption. This feature will help reduce the fatigue and soreness in the feet and legs after a long day of work.
  • Price. It is wise to invest more money in your work boots, because you will be spending most of your day wearing them.

Best brands of EMS boots


This footwear manufacturer was established back in 1885, and ever since has been working hard to produce the best, safest, most reliable and durable boots and other footwear for people in the military, public officials, as well as for industrial workers and civilians.


Established in 1932 by the Brooks brothers in Ohio, this footwear and apparel manufacturer has been making boots and shoes for the US military, it was one of the pioneers in the industry who incorporated Gore-Tex technology to create waterproof boots.  Today, Rocky is a well-known brand among people in the military, as well as among hunters, workers, outdoor adventurers and public service officials.


Established during the great depression by Charles Danner in Chippewa Falls, Wis., this footwear manufacturer has established itself as one of the leaders of top notch quality boots for hiking, uniform, hunting, work and casual boots in the US and around the world.

Under Armor

Founded in 1996 by former football player Kevin plank, this innovative footwear and fear producer specializes in designing and making specialized footwear and apparel for cold, hot weather or extreme conditions.

Red wing

First began operating in Red wing, Minnesota in the beginning of the 20th century as a specialized boot manufacturer for miners, farmers and loggers and other industrial workers. Today, it has its own leather tannery and produces one of the highest quality and top recognizable work, service and casual boots in the US.


Weinbrenner began making boots back in 1892 and became the first jobber (work and safety) boots and became the initiator of many of today’s most common safety features for work and service boots.